My Dream Last Night

I had a really weird dream last night. Have you ever had a dream that made you feel off all day? Maybe posting something about the dream will make me feel better.

I feel kind of weird disclosing my dream on the internet. It feels kind of personal, like giving international readers the key to my soul or whatever. But I’m going to take the plunge and do it! You’ll tell me about your dreams in return, right?

Anyway, this dream was pretty weird. Some girl was bragging to me about her “diet”- she planned to eat absolutely nothing for a full three days, in order to lose weight. I told her that was not healthy, and she kept saying, “yes it is,” in that infuriating tone of voice people use when they think they’re right but they are so not right. Anyway, I was hanging out with the girl all day in the dream, and she was avoiding food and bragging about how good she was at it.

Eventually, we were sitting on top of a restaurant awning (don’t ask me how we got there) and we saw a blond guy walking into the restaurant, pushing one of those wheeled contraptions waiters use to carry dishes. On the tray was a banana caramel pie. The guy said, “I have this whole banana caramel pie, and no one to eat it with.” And the girl I was sitting with jumped down from the awning and said, “I haven’t eaten all day. Can I please eat that pie with you?” The guy said, “sure,” and they went into the restaurant to eat it together. I was so frustrated and even jealous… yet at the same time I remember thinking smugly, “this is why diets don’t work.” And then I woke up.

I guess I’m really sharing this with you to see if you know what I mean. Don’t you ever have a dream that’s so disgusting or frustrating, you just have to share it with the world to help get it off your chest? I mean, it always helps me to share my disturbing dreams. I guess that’s why I’m actually posting this on my website. This dream made me feel two things in particular: one, like I should go on a “diet,” which we all have to fight, girls, because even when your dream says so, it’s not always right, right? Also, the dream gave me a strange urge to make banana caramel pie. And all day, I kept feeling like I smelled bananas. Interesting…

Have you had a dream recently that was disturbing, funny or weird? If so, it would be totally awesome to post it in the comments.

It’s not that that weird to post my dream on the internet… right?


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