Apple Cinnamon Banana Bread with Chocolate Peanut Butter

Apple cinnamon chocolate peanut butter banana bread

Do you ever feel like you can’t come up with anything unique? I know I feel that way all the time. I’ll have a great idea for a nail design, then the next day I’ll see someone wearing almost the exact nail design I envisioned. Or a brilliant point will come into my mind during a discussion at school, but by the time I get a chance to articulate my thought someone else will have said the same thing so I’ll sound redundant. Or I’ll have an idea for a song to be written, and the next week I’ll hear that song on the radio. It can be kind of discouraging; sometimes it seems like anything I come up with will be a carbon copy of something that’s already been done.  I had an acting teacher tell me once, “there’s nothing new under the sun.” Then why bother even trying to be creative? Sometimes I’m jealous of the cavemen and people in primitive times: they had the opportunity to come up with all the possible ideas in the world, with no one telling them “someone already invented that 100 years ago.”

So, what is the point of trying to be creative? After all, especially in an area such as food there is a finite number of different things that are edible, taste good, and are somewhat healthy. Haven’t all the possible combinations already been tried?

My philosophy, which I try to remember when I feel too “unoriginal”, is that each person is different, so their execution of any particular earthly possibility is in some way different from all the others who have done that thing before. Dance has been practiced and performed for many years, but each dancer has their own personal style and each choreographer adds their own flavor to any type of dance. When African style art was taught in my elementary school class, each student drew a person wearing traditional African clothing as the teacher instructed, but every single drawing was different.

This is my motivation to keep trying to be creative, and come up with twists on classic recipes. Even though I may be bombarded with descriptions of people that have come up with approximately the same idea for a recipe, the way I carried out the idea will be different than the way that person carried out their idea. The presentation of the final product will be a little different. And doing the recipe will surely inspire everyone who does it to try it a different way, and all the new things we all try lead us in different directions entirely. Someone may discover something great – but that great discovery would never have occurred if people didn’t try to create new things.

a slice of apple banana cinnamon chocolate peanut butter bread

That’s why I baked this banana bread. It has several different flavors based on what I often eat for breakfast: I have chocolate peanut butter on bananas or apples. I know it is pretty likely that someone, somewhere in the world has already baked a similar bread to this, but their effort is different from mine in some small way, and that’s what made it worth doing, for both me and others who have baked a “creative” banana bread like this. (Well, that and the fact that it tastes so delicious.)

With that, I give you… my own apple cinnamon banana bread with chocolate peanut butter.

finished apple cinnamon banana dark chocolate peanut butter bread

This recipe was yummy and according to my mom “not too banana-y”. It uses Greek yogurt and plenty of fresh fruit, which is a health bonus. Unfortunately, it also has a considerable amount of sugar. I think sometime I’ll have to find a way to bake a sweet bread that uses less sugar. Possibly I could use only natural sweeteners? That’s a project for another time. For now, I’ll just enjoy what I’ve got: a delicious bread, popular with my family and boosting my kitchen confidence. (My kitchen-related self-esteem fluctuates dramatically based on how well-recieved my past few baking attempts have been. I’m at a high point right now, but that could change at any moment with a failed baking attempt…:))

Check out this page for the full recipe. And don’t be afraid to give it your own unique twist!


5 responses

  1. I think you’re right about everyone’s execution being different. Your banana bread was exceptional, too!

  2. I was going to say something, but Alyssa took the words right out of my mouth.

    1. I see the irony of that situation! Maybe you should voice your thoughts in a different way…:)

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