Saturday Morning Breakfast

This morning, the main theme of breakfast was pancakes. It all started with my adapting the single serve gingerbread pancake recipe I used last week to make a single cranberry lemon pancake. I replaced the cinnamon and ginger from the original recipe with a few cranberries and a half teaspoon each of vanilla and pure lemon juice. It could have used more lemon juice, as it turned out.

I also didn’t really cook the pancake quite long enough, so the inside was a little undercooked.

Evil Face Cranberry Pancake

I tried to place the cranberries in the shape of a cheerful smiley face, but once I’d flipped the pancake a time or two it turned into an evil grin.

I spread the pancake with St. Dalfour’s pear jam. Delicious!

Evil Face Cranberry Pancake with pear jam

I also had a pumpkin caramel chocolate smoothie.

Smoothie on Saturday December 22

My brother Sam was hungry at like eleven when he finally got out of bed. I proposed making him chocolate chip pancakes, which he enjoys upon occasion when he finally gets sick of cereal. Even though I detest using mixes, I figured I’d use the Betty Crocker mix he’s used to because he’s super picky and distrusts anything I actually make from scratch. But we were all out of the mix, so I got to make them from scratch using a recipe in Kosher by Design: Kids in the Kitchen by Susie Fishbein. The only alteration I made to the recipe was to add a splash of vanilla. I suggested adding cranberries and almonds, but Sam would have none of it.

the first good pancake

He took the above picture with his new camera of my first good pancake. (Good means well-cooked; I tend to be afraid to cook them too long so they are undercooked. This time I was brave enough to let the pancake sit on the pan long enough to actually be a pancake instead of a conglomeration of batter, and everyone was so proud!) I made more pancakes. I was starting to get the hang of it, sort of.

Making Pancakes

Sam told me in restaurants, they make the pancakes perfectly round by filling the whole pan with batter so the batter adheres to the circular shape of the pan. So, I dumped a lot of batter on the pan and tried to do this. Instead, we ended up with what he aptly described as “an epic fail pancake.”

the epic fail pancake

Of the non-failed pancakes, he said “they were pretty good” which is a huge compliment coming from him. I know if I ask him about this later, though, he’ll tell me he just ate them to be nice and they were awful. But I know the truth…

When he was done eating, the cat leaped up on the table amidst the numerous plates with a few rejected pancakes and looked at me intensely. She seemed to be saying, “you made pancakes and you didn’t put fish in any of them? What were you thinking?!”

kitty want a pancake?

“Those brainless humans.”

All in all, it was a relaxing and fun way to spend a weekend morning.


2 responses

  1. She does look rather annoyed. Btw, I have undercooked so many pancakes!

  2. Your brother doesn’t stint with his complaints, does he? I’m sure he enjoyed the non-fail pancakes, however.

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