The Evil Machine and Pumpkin Praline Chocolate Chip Scones

I really haven’t made as many “holiday” foods as I’d hoped this year. I feel like everyone in the world has been blogging about what they’ve made for the holidays. I don’t celebrate Christmas, so I didn’t have as much reason to make fruitcake or whatnot, but I could have made jelly donuts for Hannukah (however many millennium ago that was.) Oh well. Next year.

Pumpkin Scones with pralines and chocolate chips

I did really want to have at least something to blog about before Christmas was over, however, so I set my heart on making some pumpkin scones. (I know, I know, pumpkin is for Thanksgiving, but it can also apply to Christmas, can’t it? Especially since everyone in my family likes pumpkin.)

pumpkin chocolate chip praline scones

We happened to be walking to the drugstore today to look for hand moisturizing lotion. I searched the whole store for the stuff and couldn’t find my favorite type. I did see a package of pecan pralines, which I imagined would go great in the scones I was planning to make, so I decided to buy that and some cereal. That may just have been the worst decision I’ve made in my life.

The drugstore I went to is all fancy-shmancy and has special machines that scan your items and take your money instead of a cashier. They probably got a lot of complaints from customers about the speed of their cashiers, so they decided to just make the customers scan their own items so they couldn’t say the cashier took too long. Clever idea… except the contraptions don’t work.

The thing told me to insert my cash into its slot, so I put in a twenty-dollar-bill for my $2.99 purchase, expecting it to give me change. First, a penny was regurgitated from the change slot. A few moments later, the machine grudgingly coughed up two measly $1 bills. I waited patiently, but the machine was stubborn. It wanted to hold onto my extra $15, acting like Ebenezer Scrooge if he were asked to give some penniless children money on Christmas Eve or something. In short, that stupid machine was a cheater. (Or just really bad at math. Or broken.)

I got an employee to help me, and she had me go through the whole process again of pushing buttons on the machine, telling it what language I spoke, what my phone number was, how many bags I was using, scanning my items… then she needed to go get another employee to open the machine’s cash store and get me my $15. By the time we finally got out of there, I was determined never to shop at that store again. That crafty machine will remember me, try to cheat me again, or worse, eliminate me altogether out of bitterness that I violated its personal temple of money to get my $15. We’re at the fiscal cliff, and it’s every man, woman and machine for himself. That machine is not going to give up dough without a fight.

Praline Pecans

On the upside, I did finally get my pecan pralines! It was definitely worth the hardships I suffered to obtain them, because they tasted delicious with the chocolate and pumpkin flavors in these scones. The scones have a chewy outside and a soft, buttery inside. They are also healthy because of vitamin A from the pumpkin, and protein and fiber from the pecans.

For the recipe for the scones, click here.

Pumpkin scones with praline and chocolate chip

Happy holidays to all! (Except you, you wicked machine.)


2 responses

  1. LOL! The worst decision of your LIFE!!!?? Your description of the machine makes the unpleasant situation totally worthwhile…to me, anyway.

    1. It may not have been the worst decision of my entire life, but it is at least one of the top ten.

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