Pumpkin Not-Cheesecake Cheesecake Brownies

Cheesecake… the very embodiment of guilty eating pleasure. The word synonymous with both “decadent” and “unhealthy.” Most people who, like me, try to live health-conscious lives, never let a bite of cheesecake pass their lips. However, they are liable to dream about the forbidden stuff day and night until it drives them insane and they have little images of cheesecake literally swirling in their eyeballs like a cartoon. How do we solve this problem? By eating cheesecake, of course.

What? Yes, I said the incessant human desire for cheesecake can be assuaged by eating cheesecake – on condition that that cheesecake is a not-cheesecake cheesecake. Now, don’t despair: just because it isn’t technically cheesecake doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste just like it. These not-cheesecake cheesecake brownies have a creamy, tart yet sweet swirl of pumpkin “cheesecake”  made of yogurt, a dash of vanilla extract and light spreading cheese to embrace the chewy, chocolatey moistness of the brownie. It doesn’t taste exactly like cheesecake, but if anything I think it’s better: the “cheesecake” swirl resembles both pumpkin pie and delectable cheesecake at once!

sinless pumpkin cheesecake brownies

Even the brownie, come to think of it, could be described as a “not-brownie” brownie, because it is very low in sugar. Most of the sugar of a traditional brownie recipe has been replaced with Truvia sweetener. An ad for Truvia sweetener came up on my computer the other day, and I actually clicked on it and saw that Truvia is an all-natural sweetener derived from the Stevia plant.

Truvia natural sweetener packet

It is naturally calorie-free and very sweet without sugar. When I first read the hype about Truvia sweetener, I was skeptical and expected it to taste yucky. But I gave it a try in these brownies, and they turned out amazing (if I do say so myself.) I had several of my family members try it, and they all liked it, saying it tasted like brownie cheesecake. My mom’s first remark was actually that it was sweet. But I tried it, and I assure you it is not too sweet, just sweet enough.

The brownies also contain no butter, because I replaced the butter called for in the original recipe with vegan cookie dough. It may seem weird, but it worked!

One 16th of the recipe is only 119 calories, so go ahead and have two!

Pumpkin Cheesecake brownies fireworks

(Fireworks because I’ve finally found a delicious, healthy cheesecake brownie recipe.)

See this page for the full recipe.

pumpkin cheesecake brownie with ice creamTry a chilled brownie with a Skinny Cow caramel cone flavored ice cream snack for a super dessert that is high in nutrients!

pumpkin cheesecake brownie in a smoothieOf course, it goes without saying that I blended a brownie into a smoothie with pumpkin cream, frozen chocolate mint yogurt, and Laughing Cow cheese. Delicious!


One response

  1. It is a delicious dessert. And I also use truvia at home.

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