“Valentine’s Day” Filled Cookies

unwrapped white chocolate strawberry heart

There are certain rules every food blogger pretty much conforms to. For one, October through December are the “pumpkin months”, and if you make anything with pumpkin after that time you keep it to yourself. During December, break out the gingerbread and eggnog flavors, because it’s the one month of the year those flavors are encouraged online. And finally, you pretty much have to make some sort of snack for the couch potatoes in your house who work up an appetite watching football all day on Superbowl Sunday.

I am proud to be a non-conformist. I will eat pumpkin flavored stuff any time of year if I feel like it, so why not post it online so others can drool at the pumpkin ice cream sandwiches I may (potentially) make in July? I have never made gingerbread cookies or tasted eggnog, no matter how much pressure I get during December to make such things. Just because everyone else is doing something doesn’t mean I have to do it too. As a matter of fact, when I see a recipe online I always avoid doing something even close to that recipe; I try to come up with unique ideas.

There was no reason for me to make Superbowl snacks because no one in my family really watches the Superbowl (I know that may be a shock to some readers). However, this weekend I kept feeling pressured to make a Valentine’s Day themed treat. Even though Valentine’s Day is a couple weeks away, the food blog universe is already celebrating with chocolate strawberry this and chocolate raspberry that. I was planning to ignore this pressure, and make something I really felt like: filled cookies with marshmallows and chocolate inside, like s’mores. Who cares that you’re only “supposed” to blog about s’mores during the summer? I felt like it now, and had the full intention of making those awesome cookies when I walked to Whole Foods market to buy organic “reduced guilt” marshmallows. Well, guess what – there were no organic marshmallows there today!

There was no chance I was going to make the cookies with non-organic marshmallows from the regular grocery store, filled with yucky ingredients I can’t pronounce. So I found myself picking up a cute little container of heart shaped Valentine’s Day candies.

white chocolate strawberry hearts

I was resigned to making Valentine’s Day cookies after all… and I’m heartily glad I did!

valentine's day filled cookie with white chocolate strawberry

These turned out awesome. The outside is sort of crispy with the flavors of banana, peanut butter, and a hint of sensual white chocolate. The filling is melty white chocolate with strawberry bits.

banana white chocolatepeanut butter cookies with white chocolate strawberry filling

My mom is proof of how good these cookies really are. She has told me firmly in the past that the only dessert worth eating is one that is all dark or milk chocolate. Anything else is “not worth the calories.” She’s said she didn’t know what white chocolate tasted like, but could imagine it wasn’t worth bothering to find out. I got her to reluctantly eat one of these cookies, warmed, and she said, “Sabine, this is amazing! Everything in this cookie works perfectly!” When I inquired whether she would prefer a chocolate that was not white chocolate, she said she wouldn’t want anything different in this cookie. I have (At least temporarily) converted my mom!

filled cookie with white chocolate and strawberry

Those s’mores cookies will have to wait for now. At the moment, you can enjoy these Valentine’s Day white chocolate strawberry filled cookies. Click here for my recipe: But I urge you to be a non-conformist and adapt it to suit your own desires!

white chocolate strawberry valentine's day filled cookie


3 responses

  1. The peanut butter made the white chocolate okay.

  2. She has never eaten white chocolate? Her mother used to buy white chocolate bark at the Farmer’s Market or somewhere. It’s more buttery than dark chocolate.

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