Together at Last

choc-oat muffin

In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up, as well as my deep LOVE for these delicious muffins, I am going to present the following post bragging about them in the form of a cheesy love story.

In the town of Yummyville there lived in a tiny cottage overgrown with ivy a young lady named Oats. She was well liked by her neighbors, who always chatted with her and made small talk. But they secretly pitied her: she was lonely, and not very attractive. You see, in Yummyville one’s attractiveness is judged based not on superficial things like looks but what’s inside: how sweet or savory one’s heart is. How did they know she wasn’t sweet and delicious? you ask. The answer is they didn’t, they judged one’s taste without practicing cannibalism and as a result sometimes guessed wrong. The truth is that Oats was very “attractive” and tasty once you got to know her. She just needed a chance to prove herself.

Every day, Oats looked across the street at the grand villa with a tiled roof and curled iron balconies, and sighed sadly. A very handsome, charismatic gentleman lived there, whom she had always admired. But she was always too shy to speak to him. “He’ll find another girl, one who is more delicious than me,” Oats thought to herself. But just then, the man in the villa stepped outside, and crossed the street to where Oats was standing, lost in her daydreams. She blinked, not believing her eyes as the handsome gentleman tipped his hat and said,”good morning, little lady. Nice to meet you. What’s your name?”

“Oats,” she squeaked breathlessly. “And I know yours, sir. Chocolate.” She sighed his name like the last chord of a soft, sweet song.

“How would you like to take a picnic with me on this beautiful February day, Miss Oats?”

“I’d love to!”

The two spent a lovely day in the park getting to know one another. Chocolate realized Oats was a true find, more delicious than the pretentious unhealthy-food-ladies who always flirted with him. And Oats discovered Chocolate was not as intimidating as she’d feared. Both the new lovers learned not to judge a book by its cover. Chocolate began courting Oats, and soon the two were married, right here in my oven, to produce these heavenly muffins!

These muffins contain the best of both worlds: the health benefits and hearty texture of oats matches perfectly with the decadent comfort of chocolate chips and pure chocolate batter. A burst of flavor is added with plenty of dried cranberries, and peanut butter gives the muffins a more filling richness. To top it all off, I threw in some Reece’s peanut butter chips. My new motto should be: when in doubt, add peanut butter chips!

choc-oat delight muffins texture

I know the idea of chocolate combined with oatmeal sounds like some kind of health nut idea. When I first heard of someone baking with chocolate and oats, I thought it wouldn’t taste quite right, that the oat texture would take away from the chocolate dessert-y flavor. But I have discovered that, quite to the contrary, the blend of oats and chocolate creates a breakfast treat that can totally be as good as a dessert. The chocolate flavor is just as strong with the oatmeal, but the oatmeal adds a comforting texture and gives the muffins more substance. I highly recommend these muffins to health nuts and dessert junkies alike!

choc-oat delight muffin

For the recipe for these muffins, click here.

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2 responses

  1. That is a GREAT story! I’m so glad chocolate finally noticed oats! And they don’t mind peanut butter tagging along, LOL.

  2. How romantic! Married in the oven and already had babies!! P.S. It is a very cute story. P.P.S. I have at times put chocolate in cooked oatmeal.

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