Lunch Liberation! Monday: Pita Wraps

avocado pita wrap: lunch liberation Monday

Did your mommy pack your lunch for you every day in elementary school? My mommy did. I will always remember sitting with my close friends on the plastic benches outside and opening a lunch bag filled with the same thing every day. And – inexplicably – as a kid I was delighted with the same thing every day. For me it was pb&j on rye bread, a lowfat yogurt, and a banana. The only variation I got was the yogurt flavor, and I remember having my friend guess every day which flavor of yogurt it would be. One day my mom packed me a go-gurt instead of a yogurt, and it rocked the boat of my limited little world like a thunderstorm at sea.

I’ve come a long way since then, now being in high school. I can’t imagine eating the pb&j every day. I try to avoid having the same foods twice in one week! And since I’m now old enough to make my own lunches, I can experiment with what goes in the brown paper bag. But up until now, I never entertained the notion of trying anything interesting. I thought it would be too hard to find new ingredients, I wouldn’t have time, etcetera. So I have, up until recently, been sticking with boring lunches like cheese sandwiches. Another option I sometimes go with would be a cheese sandwich. Sometimes I even have a cheese sandwich. For a side, I enjoy either yogurt, yogurt, or yogurt. Dairy overload alert!

I have gotten so sick of the drudgery of weekday lunches. I almost feel like a prisoner from the days of palace dungeons, convicted criminals bearing a ball and chain and being served stale bread and water every day. Now, my cheese sandwiches are a cut above that, but I think they could still use a flavor update.

So I have decided to finally take all the risks of trying new things for lunch. This week, I am officially liberated from the imprisonment of boring school lunches! I plan to chart my experiences with my school lunch creations on this blog, so if they turn out well maybe they’ll inspire readers out there to try new things for lunch. This week, my posts will probably consist mainly of sandwiches, wraps, etcetera, since that corresponds to the ingredients I have to work with at the moment. But I promise I will not be sharing a recipe for a cheese sandwich!

So here begins my official Lunch Liberation. I have never really tried posting during the school week before, so I’ll just see how this goes. Hopefully I will manage to publish a post every day this week. I don’t want to desert my readers like a perfidious playmate in elementary school!

Here is Monday’s recipe: a pita wrap. It may seem plain because I was just working with what we had available in the house, but feel free to add your own veggies!

Hummus and Avocado Pita Wraps

Makes: 2 pockets (I ate both!)

lunch liberation: Monday: avocado hummus pita wrap


  • 2 whole wheat pita pockets (I used Orowheat brand 8 grain pocket thins)
  • 1/4 cup roasted red pepper flavored hummus (I used Athenos brand)
  • about 1/4 of a medium tomato, diced
  • 1/4 of an entire avocado, chopped to small-ish pieces


Open up the pita pockets. Coat the inside of each pocket with hummus. Add the tomato and avocado. Store in the fridge overnight and throw in your lunch bag the next morning – it’s that simple!

hummus avocado pita wrap: lunch liberation monday

And by the way, all the ingredients in this sandwich are good for you. Avocado and hummus provide healthy fats and protein, and the whole wheat pita and tomato adds fiber to fuel your brain cells! So it’s a much better choice than those preservative-ridden chips from the vending machine, and will leave you healthier and happier all day!


3 responses

  1. Thank you for admitting you actually wanted the same thing every day. You are very funny!

  2. I just bought some roasted pine nut hummus and this sounds good. You can also make your own chips by roasting anything sliced thin with a little olive oil on it.

    1. Sounds like a fun thing to try!

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