Somewhat Patriotic Cupcakes

berries and lemon cupcake with chocolate yogurt frosting

I am currently taking a U.S. history class over the summer. At first, I didn’t think the class would interest me all that much. The only reason I was taking it was so I didn’t have to take it during the school year. But it turns out, American history is so much more interesting than I ever thought it would be! I feel so much more patriotic about my homeland now that I know the details of our country’s noble founders and how determined they were to create a country without the tyranny of the kings they had previously oppressed their people. Seeing old photos of a younger United States of America, working to grow up into the land of opportunity, battling her way through struggles of civil rights, external conflicts, and the painful yet amazing age of industrialism, reading how the Constitution was constantly adapting to suit the needs of an evolving group of people, each new generation in its own way pioneers into a new type of frontier…all this gets me very excited about our country in a way that I haven’t been since my last truly good history teacher back in eighth grade taught me the basics of U.S. history. Though I am learning about America’s struggle to remain true to her values set by the founding fathers as we entered bloody wars, I am finding that America has always come out of the wars with a new lesson learned, and returned to the ideals set by the original Americans such as George Washington. I am increasingly proud to live here!

Since I have been feeling patriotic lately, and the fourth of July is coming up, I thought I’d make some patriotic-looking food. My dad’s birthday happens to coincide with American Independence Day, so I settled on cupcakes. They were going to be lemon, with strawberries, blueberries, and white chocolate frosting to fulfill the “red, white and blue” qualification. However, when I tried to melt the white chocolate chips I ended up with a burnt mess that smelled like rotten Easter candy. Oops, wrong holiday!

So I started the whole frosting thing over, using semisweet chocolate chips. This time it worked great… unfortunately I kind of lost the American flag colors there. That’s why these cupcakes are only somewhat patriotic. I guess red, brown and blue is good enough since I’m not serving these to George Washington. And that dark chocolate taste is more what everyone in my family wants anyway.

chocolate yogurt frosting on lemon blueberry strawberry cupcake

You will love these cupcakes. They are made with whole wheat pastry flour, which is a type of whole wheat flour that provides the whole grains of regular whole wheat flour without the sometimes heavy whole grain texture. . As a result, they have a perfect texture. The lemon flavor really comes through, and it’s a great complement to the summer berries. The chocolate yogurt frosting is not too sweet, and super chocolatey with a bit of that irresistible yogurt tang. Much more interesting than typical store-bought frostings which are practically made of pure sugar!

See this page for the full recipe. My recipe is based on one from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Here are the cupcakes just out of the oven, piping hot with juicy baked berries oozing sweet juice…

lemon berry cupcakes before frosting

The frosting adds a more decadent touch…

lemon berry cupcakes with chocolate yogurt frosting

And the colorful berries on top are what really make these cupcakes scream “America!”

berry cupcake with lemon with chocolate yogurt frosting

Actually I think it’s really screaming “eat me!” Happy to oblige…

lemon strawberry blueberry cupcake with chocolate yogurt frosting and berries

As a good countryman I cannot refuse red, brown and blue patriotic cupcakes!

blueberry lemon strawberry cupcake with chocolate yogurt frosting and berries

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make this recipe. It would make a great fourth of July treat for family and friends, or really a great dessert for any time of year when you’re feeling patriotic!


One response

  1. I’m pretty patriotic, but I have to agree that chocolate trumps red, white and blue – at least when it comes to dessert.

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