Dessert for Breakfast! Day One: Baked Apples ‘n’ Cream Smoothie

dessert for breakfast day one caramel baked apple and cream caramel smoothie parfait

I like having dessert for breakfast, and it’s clear many people feel the same way. There’s a whole market for chocolatey, sugary breakfast cereals, and cafes commonly sell pastries such as cinnamon rolls and donuts in the morning. Pop Tarts are a perfect example of the unhealthy, but for some irresistible unhealthy dessert breakfast. Most dessert-y breakfast options are high in refined sugar and white carbohydrates, meaning they have a high glycemic index and will lead to a blood sugar spike and a crash later. Breakfast should provide fuel for hours to come, so it’s better to eat something filling. Furthermore, these chocolate cereals are highly processed with lots of gross chemicals that aren’t nutritional and don’t belong in one’s body. However, it’s enjoyable to have something dessert-like at breakfast, and people who are used to eating pastries and chocolate at breakfast don’t often like to exchange that for bran cereal and skim milk. Why not find a compromise, in between the two extremes: something that tastes like a dessert, but provides enough nutrition to fuel a productive morning and appease the conscience of health-concious individuals.

I often have breakfasts that are a healthy compromise, tasting like a dessert but being (at least mostly) healthy. My plan for this week is to explore some new ideas for healthy breakfasts that taste like desserts. As you will see, today’s recipe is a compromise: totally healthy apples, Greek yogurt, dried fruit, granola, high-potassium banana…and just a smidgeon of caramel sneaked in there as well! While caramel has no nutritional value, it complements the apples and makes this smoothie more enjoyable to drink. If you are skeptical of the idea of caramel for breakfast, you could try replacing it with agave or maple syrup.

caramel "baked" apples for desserts for breakfast day one baked apple and cream smoothie parfait

This smoothie is like a big, delicious parfait of warm baked apples and cool, sweet vanilla/banana cream. The apples are “baked” in the microwave, with homemade granola and dried fruit, and the “cream” is blended Greek yogurt with banana, making this smoothie healthy as well as decadent. Go ahead and try it – you’re in for a real treat!

Baked Apples ‘n’ Cream Smoothie

makes one smoothie

dessert for breakfast day one apple caramel vanilla smoothie parfait


for “baked” apple

1 medium Granny Smith apple

1 tbl granola

1 tbl dried cranberries

1 tbl raisins

1 tbl organic caramel syrup

for smoothie

1 banana

1 Oikos brand Greek vanilla yogurt

1/2 cup Silk brand original coconut milk

2-4 ice cubes


For “Baked” Apple: Cut apple into slices of medium thickness, and cut each slice into two or three chunks. Place apples in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave for 15 seconds. Remove and microwave the caramel syrup. Pour over apples and toss. Add the granola, cranberries, and raisins. Mix briefly. Return to microwave, and microwave for another 30 seconds or until apples are warm and somewhat soft. Set this aside.

For Smoothie: In a blender, combine banana, yogurt, coconut milk, and ice cubes. Blend until smooth.

Choose a glass to serve this in. Now first place about 1/4 to 1/3 of the apple mixture in the bottom of the glass. Add the smoothie on top (some apple pieces will float up). Pile the rest of the apple mixture gently on top of the smoothie. If you like, push some of the apple pieces down into the cream.

Grab your spoon and get ready to enter dessert/breakfast wonderland!

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One response

  1. That straw in this smoothie looks a little optimistic. I have a feeling at some point you’re going to need a spoon or a fork, lol. It sounds delicious.

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