Star of the Show: Sweet and Savory Salad

It had to happen at some point. And I guess today was the fateful day my mom and brother and I decided to take the train and see Hollywood.

I don’t have anything against Hollywood in itself, but I must say I felt like I hadn’t done my homework. Being a 21st century kind of chick, I had never heard of most of these stars from the 1930s, and felt a little uncultured walking down Hollywood Boulevard.

Hollywood stars

But not for long until I discovered Hollywood has caught up with modern times by installing a bunch of Starbuckses, Sephoras, and Taylor Swift advertisements to appeal to the ignorant masses like myself. Apparently you don’t need to know who Gene Autry was to have fun stepping on his name as you sip your Frappuchino. Below is what we tended to see in the tourist-y areas of Hollywood today:

Hollywood food storesGodzilla star Hollywood

I guess even monsters deserve a star. Kind of sad that none of the people who worked their hearts out writing all these movies, and directing them, etcetera, get a star to commemorate their monumental contribution to the film industry. Although, as I mentioned earlier, no one really remembers anything about movies from the ’30s anymore, neither the writers nor the stars, save a few timeless pieces of history like Marilyn Monroe, Snow White and several others that even I could recognize.

We also went to see the sidewalk where all the stars wrote their names and messages in the cement. Even in my ignorance, I had a general idea of who Shirley Temple was:

Hollywood Shirley Temple signature

One of the more exciting moments of our trip: a dinosaur nearly bit the clock off Rigley’s Believe it or Not Auditorium!

dinosaur Hollywood

There were a bunch of outlandish food stores, such as this sausage sandwich shop. Apparently your sandwich only includes bread if you order the Italian:

sausage sandwich shop in Hollywood

Of course, there were also a billion souvenir shops and tourist attractions. We encountered several street performers dressed as Iron Man, Spiderman, Bumblebee, you name it, but my brother pretended he’d outgrown his interest in superheroes.


Souvenirs of Hollywood

Some cool building art:

building art Hollywood

The Dolby Theater:

Hollywood Dolby Theater

The Roosevelt Hotel:

Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood

It seems Disney movies and Ghirardelli Chocolate have partnered to create a single irresistible soda/Disney store.

Disney Ghirardelli Hollywood

The one piece of culture I think I gleaned today was this story my mom told us kids about some incident where an aspiring actress got “discovered” at a soda fountain, and it was her gateway to fame, and after that all the young girls flocked to the soda shops in the hopes that they would get “discovered” too. I don’t know how anyone can possibly exhibit their talent while drinking soda, but maybe this actress was a multi-tasker. Anyway, I’d rather have healthy teeth and remain “undiscovered.”

I think Hollywood is a really quaint and fun tourist attraction, though you do have to be wary of a few seedy-looking smoke shops, tattoo places, and other unsavory goings-on.

Seeing all the different stars of the past made me realize how different the world was back when film was the cutting edge of entertainment, and being on the silver screen was the height of fame. In today’s digital age, the very definition of fame is different, and anyone can be mildly famous on the internet. If you want to get discovered, you’re much better off making a Youtube video of yourself talented-ly sipping soda than visiting an actual soda shop. But society as a whole has been shaped in part by the major motion pictures of the past. And by all the people who wrote the scripts, held the cameras, etcetera…I hope someday society come up with a way to honor the backstage people without whom these world-changing films would never have been possible.

This spinach salad was world-changing for me when I made it for lunch yesterday. Fruity flavors sweet as Shirley Temple’s smile mingled with savory Bleu cheese and crunchy almonds to create a real production to remember. Not to mention the amazingly delicious gardein brand crispy fake meat tender featured atop the bed of flavorful fresh ingredients. Found in the frozen aisle at Whole Foods Market, these Seven Grain Crispy Tenders are truly the star of the show in this salad for one. As a bonus, you can be as ignorant as you like and still enjoy this yummy salad! 🙂

Low in calories and high in iron, fiber, protein and vitamins, this salad is a healthy petite meal or side dish for one. Enjoy in style while watching your favorite sophisticated Hollywood film! (Or football.) 🙂

Click here for the full recipe.


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  1. Nice record of the day

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