Words for a Sick Girlfriend

So I hear you’ve been going with Ed

As your friend, I would rather you not

Like a spider he spins a love web

You’re his prey, so enthralled to be caught

Many girls he has had in his bed

(So if you think you’re special you’re not)

In his poisoned mind he wished them dead

Some surrendered, the stronger ones fought

spider with prey

When he takes you to dinner, they say,

He comes in like a voice in your brain

Taking your sense of reason away

So you order a platter of pain.

While you nibble, he gets in the way

Makes you feel like you’re going insane

He’ll keep saying you’re fat every day

Like some stupid song stuck in your brain.

broken record

And oh, the promises he makes!

He’ll have you hooked on a string of desires

Just so you’ll do whatever it takes

To lose all the pounds that he requires

And needless to say, they’re all fakes

All those promises; Ed is a liar.

And one without shame when he breaks

Your spirit, your soul and your fire.

sad girl fire

Tell me, why do you cling to his arm?

For there are others out there for you

Real men, who’ll keep you from harm

(And take you on better dinner dates, too.)

Ed is handsome, appealing, with charm

But he’ll leave you the second he’s through.

His charisma is cause for alarm

For a true friend who wants to save you.

heart puzzle

So the next time Ed knocks on your door

With his critical snide and his doubt

Throw a box of his things on that floor,

Say he’s got to pack up and scoot out.

If he calls you, then you must ignore,

For you’ve chosen a healthier route.

The path of well being, smiles galore,

And learning what real love is about.

happy couple Hawaii

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