Double Duty

cherry almond chocolate coconut granola

As a busy teenager, I often find myself swamped with obligations from a ton of different classes and activities. Sometimes I’m practically surrounded by different chores, pulling me in different directions and threatening to rip my arms off (and eat up all my free time) in urging me to take care of all these different tasks at once. Lately, I’ve been coming up with nifty shortcuts whenever possible, to save my sanity and lighten my workload. For example, whenever I can combine two assignments, I will jump on the opportunity. I need some community service hours? I’ll get them signed off when I clean the beach for science class. I’m supposed to read a free choice book in English class? I’ll choose to read the book another teacher recommends we read for extra credit. Is this cheating? Nah, just planning. I like to think of it as “double duty” – putting one vague assignment to two specific purposes.

Now the blog world gets to play the role of yet another of my teachers. Much as I love blogging, I have so many other things to do that sometimes publishing posts falls to the bottom of my endless to-do list. Here we are the day before Superbowl Sunday, and I’ve let the “deadline” for a post on Superbowl snacks creep up on me! Let alone the fact that Valentine’s day is not too far off, and who knows if and when I’ll get another chance to blog about v-day foods. So I’ll play one of my little double-duty tricks on you guys, just like I would if these were serious assignments we were talking about here. I’m going to write one blog post about a delicious project that ought to earn an A+ as both a Superbowl snack and a Valentine’s Day indulgence!

Granola is a healthy and resilient treat. It can be mixed with yogurt for a fueling breakfast, sprinkled on ice cream as an alternative sundae topping, or munched alone as an anytime power snack! If you’re having a Superbowl party with some health-conscious guests, try serving up some granola as an alternative to the traditional oily, buttery empty calories regrettably served at many game-day parties. After all, while we veg out on the couch watching a bunch of guys be active, we might as well eat right while doing so! And as for Valentine’s Day, the true best gift for a love interest might be a homemade breakfast, served with love and followed by a bike ride in the park. Many girls lament receiving a box of chocolates in early February, pushing their diet willpower to the max. But no dieter can refuse a healthy and chocolatey treat! Besides, making granola is a more personal gift than buying chocolates at the store.

chocolate almond cherry granola heart

This granola is full of the flavors of Valentine’s day: chocolate embraces toasted almonds and chewy dried cherries, sweetly wrapped in a coconut kiss. But it doesn’t have to be made for a love interest: make it in a huge batch an pour it in a bowl, and there you go, it’s a superb Superbowl snack for all your friends. This granola does double duty in two ways: 1) it works as both  Superbowl and Valentine’s Day fare, and 2) it is both healthy and delicious. No matter how busy you are, you really must find some time to make this granola. There’s no two ways about it!

Get the full recipe: Chocolate Almond Cherry Granola


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  1. I like shortcuts, too! I’m also laughing at the idea of some guy making this granola for his guy friends for Superbowl Sunday, and then handing the leftovers to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Precious!

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