The Obligatory Valentine’s Day Blog Post

hershey's special dark blossom cookies sweet potato

Happy Valentine’s Day! May you and your special someone enjoy a day filled with kisses and love and all that mushy stuff…may you share a significant bag of candy hearts that say “BE MINE”…”WUV U”…”TXT ME”… may your significant other show up to your date on time and buy you the right brand of chocolates…blah blah blah…whatever. I think a lot of people, singles and couples alike, are a little sick of all the hype about this “holiday,” especially since the majority of it is clearly manufactured by big businesses in a transparent effort to capitalize off of new couples’ desperate desire to impress the other person. If I was in love with someone (which I assure you is nowhere close to happening since virtually all men in my life are officially on probation at the moment), I know I’d care a lot more about the everyday pleasure of being together than some particular, arbitrary day on which suddenly our relationship becomes an expensive priority. That’s not to say that spending time and occasionally money on a romantic interest isn’t important. But this should happen on a consistent basis, and when it is possible for both people to truly enjoy the moment. For instance, if February 14th wasn’t considered such a strict deadline in the blogging world, I wouldn’t be frantically typing a blog post about this stupid holiday while I should be reading Darwin’s Origin of Species.

But! I can still see one redeeming quality to the highly superficial, sickly sweet contrivance that is our modern Valentine’s Day. If it weren’t for the V-Day blogging deadline of the 14th, I wouldn’t have taken the time this week, amidst all my schoolwork and stuff, to get in the kitchen and throw together a “Valentine’s Day Friendly” recipe. And it would sure be a shame if I had not done that, for the cookies I baked up were truly stellar.

sweet potato dark chocolate blossom cookies


This recipe is a twist on the traditional “blossom cookies” (soft cookies with a piece of chocolate in the center) because the cookie dough is flavored with sweet potato puree. This may seem weird, but it certainly worked in these cookies, giving them a special flair, as well as contributing to the soft, chewy cookie dough texture. My mom said they tasted a bit like pumpkin. I fed a bunch to my school friends, none of whom guessed that a vitamin-rich root vegetable was a main ingredient in the cookie dough, or that the little cuties were extremely low in fat and only 60 calories apiece! One friend liked the cookies so much she had seconds and asked me for the recipe. She offered some to a secretary in one of the school offices, who was reluctant to eat anything unhealthy but just couldn’t resist once she saw the adorable bite-sized cookies, garnished with Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate kisses in the centers. When I told her they were made with sweet potato, she was won over and reached for one. She devoured it in a few bites and told me it was very good.

Bake these cookies for a party, or just to give out to friends and family and brighten everyones’ day. Make them for your coworkers, your neighbors, or your landlord. If you simply must, then make them for your sweetie for Valentine’s Day. Or any day. Make them the day after Valentine’s Day. Who cares if you’re past the deadline?

Click here for the full recipe.

sweet potato hershey's special dark blossom cookie

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2 responses

  1. I’m sure everyone who tried them was grateful you hadn’t waited until Valentine’s Day proper.

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