International Danishes

pinwheel danishes reverse cinnamon roll

Lately I’ve become a little obsessed with the notion of international travel. I love to look at photos of beautiful nature and landmarks in distant places, watch nature programs taking place across the sea, listen to music in different languages and daydream about my future dream vacations to destinations all around the world. One country that has achieved high status on my travel bucket list has got to be Australia. I’ve always been fascinated by the quirky, unique creatures found only in the land down under, and after seeing some nature films taking place there and a ton of Pinterest pins of beautiful Australian beaches and the Sydney Opera House from every angle, I’m just about ready to pack my suitcase and set sail for this gorgeous continent.

It seems I’m not the only American interested in Australia. I’ve seen clothing and shoes bearing some allusion to the continent fly off store shelves. The food industry has caught on to America’s Aussie obsession as well: I’ve noticed more and more products in grocery stores claim to be “Australian” in some way. When my mom saw the Australian-style yogurt I bought (which was made right here in California), she wondered what comprises the “Australian style” of yogurt. I said since it’s being sold in the U.S. it doesn’t really matter how they make the yogurt; no one here knows whether it’s authentic or not. As long as it has a picture of a koala or says “matey” on the packaging, we Americans find it exotic and compelling.

When I went to Whole Foods Market to buy organic puff pastry dough for these danishes, the only brand currently in their freezer was Aussie Bakery. I’d never tried it before and had no reason to trust it…but it had Australia written all over it. I was sold.

Turns out Aussie Bakery was an excellent choice: the puff pastry was easy to work with, and once baked was buttery, flaky and delicious. It had a perfect, light texture and made a great base for creating my pastries. I daresay I could taste the Australia in every bite! 😉

cream cheese cinnamon roll danish

Australian Danishes. Is that an oxymoron? I’m pretty sure danish pastry was invented in Denmark. Although these particular danishes are not strictly Danish. I’d call them multicultural, as they consist of a blend of different flavors from all different regions of the globe. The pastry dough was “Danish”-style, though originating from Australia, but the fillings emulated those of a cinnamon roll, which was invented in Sweden. The very fact that they are made up of a harmonious blend of the best elements of various different cultures, in my mind, makes them quintessentially American, as this nation is known for being a colorful mix of cultures from all around the world. Think of pretty much any “American” food;  you’ll find upon further investigation that the different elements comprising the dish hail from multiple backgrounds. And such is certainly the case for these delicious danishes: they blend the flavors of different places into one petite, yummy treat.

reverse cinnamon roll danishes with cream cheese filling pinwheel

In these Reverse Cinnamon Roll Danishes, quality puff pastry dough is endowed with tangy cream cheese filling and drizzled with a buttery brown sugar-cinnamon mixture. I call them “Reverse Cinnamon Roll” danishes because in a cinnamon roll the cinnamon filling is the main attraction wrapped up in dough, and there’s often just a tad of cream cheese icing on top for good measure. But in these danishes, the rich creaminess of sweetened cream cheese is the highlight, and the sugary cinnamon mixture is the complement. I’m a very dairy-oriented gal so this pleases me more than a ton of cinnamon and a dollop of cream cheese would. Plus, more cream cheese = more protein, right? 🙂

Unlike danishes made in traditional bakeries, these can be eaten guilt-free. The cream cheese filling is made with light cheese and not a ton of sugar, and there are no preservatives or other yucky things you usually find on commercial bakery shelves. I made mine kind of smallish, but even considering the size, they are remarkably low in calories, with only 130 each. So bake some up now, and enjoy with abandon for breakfast or anytime! Let the international tastiness transport you to another land…

Click here for the full recipe: Reverse Cinnamon Roll Danishes

cream cheese reverse cinnamon roll danish

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  1. I’m so out of the loop, I didn’t realize Australia was a current fad. Thanks! (These danishes were delicious)

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