Peachy Cream Pistachio Dream

tropical pistachio peach chocolate coconut smoothie pineapple mango banana

I’m no poet

And I know it

But today I’ve got the muse

‘Cause I sipped a special smoothie

And by now you’ve heard the news:

Simply magic

Was this smoothie

Not a recipe to lose.

Peachy cream

Pistachio dream

Came to me in a consciousness-stream

Add some mango

Now we’ll tango

In a tropical sunbeam.

chocolate coconut peach pistachio smoothie with coconut

Creamy peaches

Like the beaches

Of a land where pineapples grow

Add some chocolate

Now we’re rockin’ it

With a touch of pistachio.

Peachy dream

Of chilly cream

Like the clouds outside my door

But inside I’m slurping a smoothie

Wrapped in sweaters so I’m warm

Like those beaches

Full of peaches

Where the coconuts do grow

Wanna get groovy?

Drink this smoothie

Then the rhythm you will know

Of a tropical dance of flavor:

Chocolate, peach, pistachio.

peach pistachio chocolate coconut smoothie

Nope, I’m no poet

And now we all know it

But, dear reader, never fear

For you can still get the smoothie

You desire: just click here.

My poetry may be awful as the ocean glitters clear

But that does not concern us

With the blender yet so near.

You need only make this recipe

To set your tastebuds all aglow

Let them bask in these sweet flavors:

Chocolate, peach, pistachio.

Let’s go!

Click here to get the recipe for the smoothie that inspired this poem: Peachy Cream Pistachio Dream Smoothie

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2 responses

  1. Sabine this is just exquisite!

    You can file and publish your DBA anytime at http://www.DBA.LA


  2. Apparently after sipping this smoothie, some people want to go into business making them, lol.

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