Meet Kato and Celebrate with Grain-Free Chocolate Mini Soufflés!

If you read this post, you know that my family’s cherished betta fish, Francisco, recently passed away. I was all for an extended period of mourning, but Artemis the cat was really pushing for a new fish right away, and when she was backed by my mom and brother I really had no choice but to give in and go to PetCo with the gang to seek our new aquatic companion.

Last time we bought a fish, my brother got to choose the individual, and I got to choose the name. This time we switched jobs: it was my turn to select the fish. I chose a dazzling silver and blue half moon male betta with a hooked mouth that somewhat resembles that of a salmon. When he swims in the light, his scales shimmer with iridescence, and I really love how his tail fin looks like it was dipped in blue ink. I think that’s the feature that sold me on this particular fish.

Kato the half moon betta fish


half moon male betta fish Kato

We brought him home, and I carried the case upstairs with the utmost care. As soon as we were through the door my brother asked me, “so are you going to do a blog post about the fish?” I assured him that I would do so later. A few minutes later the boy came up to me again and inquired, “so are you going to start blogging about the fish now?” I told him I needed to wait until there was enough information to blog about, and meanwhile he should fulfill his obligation and privilege of naming the new little guy.

My brother deliberated for several minutes over the name, then dubbed the fish Kato after some character in some show he’s currently into. (It’s not as cool as some of the names I came up with, but I suppose it’ll do until he gets bored of that show and comes up with a new name.) We prepared Kato’s water and introduced him to his new bowl, a mansion compared with the container he came in. He immediately began exploring his castle and outside territory, and seems to approve of the place. We fed him some fish pellets and found him to be a hearty eater. Hopefully as he grows up he’ll learn more about health and even try some of the nutritious recipes I cook up!

Kato the betta fish in bowl


Speaking of nutritious recipes, how’d you like one for grain-free, gluten-free, kosher-for-Passover chocolate soufflé cupcakes? Yep, you read that right. I baked these today and they were a stunning success. I would totally serve them at a party to celebrate joyful events such as the introduction of a new family member.



Passover flourless chocolate mini soufflé cupcake

These individual soufflés are super rich and chocolatey, with a delicious puddle of melted chocolate in the center. To lower the sugar, they are sweetened in part by Truvia baking blend, as well as agave syrup and nutritious chocolate almond butter. This provides just the right amount of sweetness to complement, but not overpower the chocolate. There is no oil or butter used in this recipe, nor grains of any kind, yet it tasted scrumptiously sinful. My ultra-picky little brother, who always swears he will never ever ever ever try anything I bake, gobbled up one of these babies in the blink of an eye. He and my mom both praised the mini soufflés, and told me they did not taste like a Passover dessert at all.

kosher for Passover flourless chocolate mini soufflé cupcakes

Well, here it is. I have blogged about the fish and shared a festive recipe with you. My work here is done. Now you get in the kitchen and try this recipe! It’s time to celebrate. Francisco, we still miss you, and I hope you can enjoy a dessert like this in fish heaven. Someday I will make some for you. In the meantime…

Click here for the full recipe: Grain-Free Chocolate Mini Soufflés

passover grain free chocolate flourless mini soufflé

mini flourless chocolate souffle kosher for passover with frozen yogurt and melted chocolate


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  1. Two very good things go well together.

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