Inspiration from an Unlikely Source

cinnamon roll cheesecake with cranberries and Great grains crunchy pecan cereal

As a health food blogger, I try to make healthy recipes. Recipes that nourish the body, mind, heart and soul while also occasionally buying into the latest health food trends. Typically my philosophy is to incorporate as many whole grains and fresh produce as possible into my recipes, with vegetarian protein, and keep it as light as I can on the fat and sugar while still maintaining a good flavor. Any recipe I share on this blog is one I would recommend to the health-conscious. One I feel proud of sharing.

That’s why it’s kind of strange that I came upon the inspiration for my latest baked goodie while inside a Cinnabon.

Our Israel trip was coming to a close, and on one of our last sultry, sweaty days in Tel Aviv, the group leaders gave in to certain people’s whining and led us out of the white sunshine into a nearby Cinnabon (yes, they have that in Israel.) I had never been in one before, but was shocked to see that a wide array of otherwise sensible people all share a strange affinity for stuffing their faces with freakishly large balls of sugary pastry smothered in way too much chemical-ridden icing. Some even get an extra little container of icing to go with their huge boxes of cinnamon rolls, as if the inch of frosting smeared on top of each roll is not enough.

To ease my anxiety as I watched these horrifying proceedings, I distracted myself by thinking of cinnamon-y things I could make when I got home. I knew I wanted to show the world there was another option, besides splurging on a calorie-bomb cinnamon roll with little nutritional value. There is a way to enjoy the sweeter things in life in a more wholesome, homemade way. I knew I wanted to make something that would show up Cinnabon, show them I could be more creative with the elements of pastry dough, cinnamon, sugar and cream cheese, rather than merely rolling it into a circle and feeding it to the masses. I really wanted the cheese aspect to be a big part of this endeavor, since who doesn’t love cream cheese icing on a cinnamon roll?

cheesecake cinnamon roll

That’s why the idea of a cinnamon roll cheesecake popped into my head. Instantly I could see myself pulling a perfect, delicious concoction out of the oven, sharing it with like-minded family and friends who’d love it, getting a billion likes on my blog, eventually opening up a store of my own to sell these creations to the world. This was going to be big. This was going to transform the world as we know it.

When I got home, not a day went by that I didn’t have some thought of my grand scheme to put my own spin on Cinnabon’s goods. And this week I finally pulled it all together and put my plan into action.

cinnamon roll yogurt cheesecake


While I don’t know if it will exactly change the world, this cinnamon roll cheesecake will certainly change your day for the better. Enjoy it as a rich, yet sinless breakfast treat, or cut yourself a cold, creamy slice for a unique dessert. Serve it at brunch or as an evening snack to guests, health-conscious ones or otherwise, they’re all sure to find something to love in this pastry-like cake that’s heavy on the good and light on the guilt!

cinnamon cheesecake cinnamon roll

Sweetened with honey and Truvia baking blend, the cinnamon roll dough wraps around a generous portion of decadent yogurt-based cheesecake that’s higher in protein and lower in calories and fat than typical cheesecake. A cinnamon-honey swirl sweeps through the whole thing, and a sprinkling of Post brand Great Grains Crunchy Pecan cereal and succulent dried cranberries makes for a wonderfully textured topping to round out this roll.

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to highly processed pastries, or a fun and different dessert, or just want to bake a delicious cake for you and family and friends, give this recipe a try. Find the complete recipe here: Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake

cinnamon roll cheesecake


4 responses

  1. Enjoyed your post as always 😀 Something tells that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was not your favorite movie 🙂

    1. Actually, I did like that movie, although I often identified with the Oompa Loompas more than the chocolate-obsessed children. 🙂

  2. I wonder if Post would like the recipe?

  3. This sounds good. I also like cinnabons, though!

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