Back-to-School Breakfast: Mediterr-Asian Tofu Scramble Freezer Wraps

pita wrap tofu scramble hummus veggie freezer

As soon as we discovered Amy’s frozen foods, my mom and I were both hooked: the wide selection of microwaveable vegetarian foods from a variety of cultural backgrounds, each of them tasty and many catering to specific health concerns, was the answer to our prayers as our lives were only becoming busier and busier. Whenever we’re at the market, we often stop by the frozen section to stock up on these healthy, edible convenience foods. I always like to get new products I haven’t yet tried. My mom’s approach has been to choose one or two go-to Amy’s products, so even when she isn’t at the market I can always guess what she’d want: the Breakfast Scramble Wrap, a loaded tofu scramble that brightens up her morning – or evening – with a healthy dose of Tabasco on the side.

Amy's breakfast scramble wrap

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We try to always have at least one of these in the freezer, stowed away for that busy moment when one of us needs to just grab something for a quick meal before rushing off to school or some other chore. The problem is determining when is the right time to use up the reserve scramble wrap. Is this 15 minutes before choir practice emergency enough? Or does mom need it more for tomorrow morning in between taking me and my brother to school? Sometimes I ask, but every once in a while I will simply pop the wrap in the microwave on the sly and plan to get another one in the freezer before anyone notices – the convenience of an instant, nutrition-packed and delicious meal is just too hard to resist!

Last weekend, noticing we had no breakfast scrambles left in the freezer, I was faced with a choice: I could re-stock with the same old thing again… or I could go DIY and make something new and different! I went with the latter option – and that’s what I’m here to tell you about today.

Asian Mediterranean pita wrap tofu scramble wrap frozen

These tofu scramble wraps are a delicious compact meal that can be warmed up in minutes. They’re great for busy mornings or evenings, and since the recipe makes eight individual wraps there won’t be any bickering over who gets that one Amy’s wrap lurking in the freezer! Besides the convenience factor, the recipe also makes for a delicious taste experience that is a fusion of Asian and Mediterranean flavors, harmoniously mingling inside a hearty, whole wheat pita wrap.

freezer tofu scramble pita wrap


If you choose a vegan pita and vegan hummus, this recipe can easily be made vegan-friendly! Furthermore, it is much lower in calories than the Amy’s Breakfast Scramble Wrap, and low in sodium compared to many of the frozen foods you’ll find at the market. Feel free to play around and change up the sauce I used (soy sauce) or use fresh veggies instead of frozen, or mix up the types of vegetables. That’s the great thing about making your own frozen wraps: the ingredients are up to you. So set aside some time this weekend to save yourself time and stress during the week, with these Mediterr-Asian Tofu Scramble Freezer Wraps!

Click here for full recipe.


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  1. Thank you so much for making these!

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