Intergalactic Rainbow Macaroons

vasquez rocks

Anyone a fan of star trek? I know I’m not… I’ve only watched one episode, and that was when my parents forced me. They enjoy it, so it must be a specimen of quality cultural expression, which means my generation must be uncultured if we don’t like it too. I say everyone can like anything they want in the solitude of Netflix, as long as it doesn’t impede on me watching my shows. 😉

Still, it was neat last week when our family went to see the place where an episode of Star Trek was filmed. Not because I care about the celebrity of the place, but because it actually looks extraterrestrial, even without knowing some cheesy show with earthling actors pretending to be aliens was filmed there. The giant Vasquez Rocks protrude from the ground like ancient Martian mountains. I wouldn’t be surprised to find alien life forms creeping across that landscape (besides my brother, that is.)

Vasquez Rocks, California

Maybe I had outer space on the brain when I made these macaroons, which is why they resemble little chunks of ice from Europa or miniature rainbow planets. It was almost impossible not to make them like that, seeing as I mixed in rainbow nonpareils…

no bake birthday cheesecake macaroons passover gluten free

Have you ever had that experience where you’re trying to make a confetti cake, and the picture from the original recipe shows this flawless pure wall of white cake with little colorful balls interspersed neatly throughout… and when you pull yours out of the oven the colorful balls of chemicals have smeared all throughout the batter and painted food-coloring rainbows all over your masterpiece, ruining the perfection? It bothers me so much when I mix in those nonpareils so carefully and the colors still must leech off and bleed throughout whatever I’d making, turning a plain blank canvas of white batter into an ink-print psychologist’s 1970s lucid dream! But that’s the way it goes with nonpareils, I guess. Unless you happen to be one of those perfect cooks who actually makes the cakes for the photos on cake mix boxes.

gluten free macaroons kosher for passover birthday cake cheesecake coconut

I experienced the annoying nonpareil-rainbow phenomenon as soon as I gently stirred the sprinkles into the batter for these gluten free, kosher for Passover macaroons. I’d imagined white mounds of coconut with neat little balls of pink, blue, yellow… instead I had what looked like little sci-fi planets with a spectrum of colors whizzing across their atmospheres as they made their twirling way through the galaxy of our kitchen. Fortunately, though, they tasted out of this world to match their otherworldly appearance! 🙂

coconut cheesecake birthday cake macaroons no bake passover gluten free friendly

I welcome all earthlings, whether they are Star Trek fans or not, and whether or not they observe Passover, to taste these macaroons. Anyone who likes decadent cheesecake or has a sweet tooth with a hankering for a sugary coconut concoction will enjoy these Birthday Cheesecake Macaroons… a super-easy Passover birthday cake stand-in as well, for those unfortunate souls with a birthday during this cake-restricted time. As an added plus, they are gluten free (make sure ingredients are certified gluten free for those with severe allergies) and the small portion size makes one serving far less caloric than a hunk of cheesecake. This easy no-bake recipe for a cool and coconutty treat is one you don’t want to miss (even if it means missing an episode of your favorite space show!) So come on and make this recipe: No-Bake Birthday Cheesecake Macaroons!

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white chocolate cream cheese icing carrot cake coconut cranberry raisin macaroon kosher for passover


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