Here is my nail art so far during the year 2013. Hopefully it is at least slightly improved since last year!

Happy New Year 2013

I already posted this nail design in the 2012 nail art gallery, but I am posting it again, just because I’m feeling festive at this time of year and want to get as much out of the holidays as possible!

2013 New Year nail designI intended these nails to be reminiscent of fireworks in celebration of the new year. Below are my aunt’s nails, which are based on mine.

purpley pink new year nails design 2013

Below are my Mom’s nails, which are supposed to look like they have sparkly confetti.

confetti New Year nail design 2013

Sparkle Fade Nails

My aunt apparently liked her sparkly New Year’s nails so much, she wanted another sparkly nail design. This is surprising, since she usually has a strong aversion to sparkly nail polish because it’s so hard to remove.

sparkle fade nail design

The tips of her nails are sparkly silver, with a lighter layer of silver underneath that, which fades as it gets closer to the base of the nail.

sparkle fade nails

She got the same sort of sparkle fade design a week later. This one (below) is silver sparkles over a dark purple color I mixed myself. It doesn’t look so great in this photo, but I thought the color was pretty good.

dark purple sparkle fade nails

The Jeweled Tiger

tiger striped nails with gems

Above are my nails, which are supposed to look like tiger stripes. I embellished them with nail art jewels. Unfortunately, the jewels always fall off within a day or two of putting them on… but at least I have the pictures of this design’s day of glory!

jeweled tiger nails

When my dad saw this design, he remarked, “very patriotic.” He says that any time I have striped nails!

jeweled tiger nail design

Turquoise Swirls

turquoise swirl nailsI haven’t done a swirl nail design in a while, but my mom requested it, so I did my best. I’m a little out of practice with this technique.

turquoise swirls nail design

My mom ended up happy with it, even though I thought I could have done a better job.

turquoise swirl nail design thumbs

The Barbie-Approved Mani

I didn’t intend for this design to end up looking like something out of a Barbie commercial, but I fear it looks exactly that way.

pink flower nail designIf I was giving Barbie a manicure, this is what I would do to her nails: an unmistakably girly-girl pink with pink sparkles and flowers.

pink flower barbie nails

Don’t get me wrong: this nail design was fun to wear… I just felt it was a little better suited to a certain overly optimistic blond girl with a plastic body.

barbie pink flower nails

Patriotic Nails

patriotic nailsI wanted this nail design to be reminiscent of the American flag: the red-orange and white stripes are like the stripes on the flag, the turquoise and gold is sort of like the blueness of the blue background for the stars, and the black middle fingers have sparkles and stars on them to celebrate the 50 stars themselves.

patriotic nail design

Sparkly Strawberries

pink sparkle top Valentine's Day nails

In honor of the upcoming holiday of Valentine’s Day, I decided to do this nail design which is supposed to sort of look like strawberries drizzled with white and dark chocolate.

Pink sparkle top Valentine's Day nail up close

I know most strawberries aren’t this shade of pink, and precious few have sparkles at the top, but I just couldn’t resist!

Valentine’s Day 2013

I was pretty proud of this design, which I wore the week of Valentine’s Day.

red valentine's day nails 2013

Again, I used nail gems, those tempting tormentors that leave you heartbroken as they come off after a day or two. But they looked so appealing, they were calling me… I had to use them! Even with the disappointment that comes with losing them.

valentines day 2013 red nail design

Everyone’s bound to be a tad disappointed on Valentine’s Day, aren’t they? You either don’t get the present you want, or don’t get to kiss your crush like you’d hoped… it’s a highly commercialized and not always romantic holiday. But I won’t let that stop me from dressing my nails to the occasion!

red valentines day nail design 2013

The Compromise

purple nail design with subtle sparkles

This week I did my aunt’s nails. I really wanted to use a sparkly purple color that looked great with the purple base coat she’d chosen, but she refused because the sparkly polish is so hard to take off. But I caught her looking longingly at the sparkles anyway, and begged her until she conceded. (She wanted them anyway. And who could blame her?) It’s a compromise: just a little bit of sparkles.

subtle sparkle on purple

Migration of the Swirls

Remember last year, when my mom and aunt started asking me to do swirls on their nails every week? That trend has died down somewhat, but the swirls are making an appearance elsewhere… not on the fingernails, they migrated to my aunt’s toenails for this pedicure!

pink swirl pedi

Nails with a Message

My mom’s nails are done in the OPI color Dim Sum Plum. She wanted Chinese symbols as decoration, so I looked it up on the internet and actually found a site about Kanji, which is used in the Japanese language but is (according to this site) Chinese characters. I did my best to copy the characters on her nails. According to the website, these ones translate (from left to right): fire and mountain.

Dim Sum Plum Chinese symbols nail design

And this one is supposed to be the symbol for big, though I think I altered it by accident from the original. “Big Fire Mountain.” My mom says it sounds like the name of a Disneyland ride.

Dim Sum Plum nail with Chinese symbol

Magnificent Marble

This is my nail design for this week, the week after V-day. I was sick of reds so I went for blues. The two colors swirled together are supposed to be reminiscent of marble.

marble blue turquoise nail design

Not sure how successful this design is. It might just look like a mess to some people, but I kind of like it!

turquoise and blue marble nails

Something Fishy

We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific this weekend, and I saw these beautiful hot pink and orange fish. I tried to mimic their colors on my nails.

orange and hot pink fish inspired nails

I’m not sure if the picture really shows the color contrast so well. But I think this design is fit for a mermaid!

hot pink/orange fish inspired nail design

Rose Nail Color

Below is a custom nail color I mixed up for my aunt. It reminds me of a princess in a rose garden in a fairy tale.

rose colored nails

Two Tortoise Treasures

Though a tortoise probably doesn’t appear in the top ten list of most elegant creatures on earth, I think it inspired two nail designs to really treasure! My mom had the idea of me giving her a nail design to sort of mimic the pattern on each hexagonal plate of the shell of a tortoise we saw at the zoo that day.

pink and white tortoise inspired nail design

It’s a subtle design, but here’s a close-up view:

pink/white tortoise nails

My nails are… let’s just say, less subtle. A lot less. Sparkly purple, hot magenta, gold glitter…

purple/pink/gold tortoise nails

But the design is the same idea, inspired by the stripes on the tortoise. I did my stripes coming from all different directions.

tortoise inspired nails: purple/pink/gold

The Wonderful Nails of Oz

This tiger-stripe nail design is coated with the glamorous new OPI nail color, “When Monkeys Fly” from their new Oz Collection.

Tiger nails with "When Monkeys Fly" polish

“Baby You’re A Firework…”

Yeah, the song is old and perhaps nobody really likes it these days, but every time I look at this nail design I have a flashback to that song.

Baby You're a Firework nails

I did the striped design first, then applied the stars using “Hollywood Walk of Fame” from the Fergie collection of Wet n Wild nail polish.

baby you're a firework nail design

When I look at my nails, they make me think of an explosive celebration of bright fireworks in the night sky.

The Stranger Nails

No, this nail design is not strange. Well, maybe a little. But I’m calling it The Stranger Nail Design for a different reason: it is my English project on Albert Camus’ The Stranger! My mom was adventurous enough to let me do the design on her nails.

the Stranger nails

Each nail represents something society challenges about the main character, or something he challenges about society. I won’t go into detail about the analysis and stuff, but here are a couple of our favorite nails from this design:

1) Stylized lips to represent improper romance:

lips for inappropriate romance2) DNA strand to represent the main character’s neglect and improper respect for his mother:

DNA for improper respect for mother

My First Pedi of Spring

Since it’s starting to warm up now, I gave myself a pedicure. This is my first pedi since last summer.


I think this bright design reflects the themes of spring: celebration, happiness and light. Now here’s a close-up of my big toe (because who wouldn’t want to see my big toe up close 🙂 )

orange and gold pedi big toe

Water Marble Nails

This was the first time I ever tried to do a water marble nail design. It was a mess, and I’m not sure the end result was worth it:

my first water marble nail attempt

My mom says the nails look psychedelic… is that a compliment?

first ever water marble nailsI like these ones best, I guess.

my first ever water marble nail design

Vegas Showgirl

After my spring break trip to Las Vegas, I wanted to paint my nails in a fun, Vegas-inspired design that would bring back good memories of the vacation. So I did an interpretive design based on the classic Las Vegas showgirls. You know, the ones with the red feathers and skimpy red leotards?

Las Vegas Showgirl inspired nails

I thought I captured the idea of their outfits pretty well. The fingernails besides the thumb are supposed to resemble the leotards:

red Las Vegas showgirl nails

And the thumb nails are supposed to have sort of a feathery design, like the feather headdresses:

thumb nail for Las Vegas Showgirl design

Unfortunately, not everyone seemed to see the nails my way. I had someone ask me if they were Chinese characters, and another person said they looked like the Confederate flag! Oh, well, at least I knew what they were. And I’m sure if I ever become a manicurist for Vegas showgirls, they will appreciate my style!

Pink Seaweed?

pink seaweed nails

That’s what I think this manicure, which I did for my aunt, resembles. And not necessarily in a bad way. She said the squiggly lines looked like sunbeams in a stylized drawing of the sun.

pink seaweed nail design

You Spilled Something

The concept of this nail design on my mom is a splash of dark blue paint that starts on her left pinky, and as you look at the following fingers they become less and less covered with the splash of paint, so more of the purple underneath shows. I know this isn’t the greatest description; maybe a visual will help you understand better:

blue and purple splatter nail design

Doesn’t it look like someone spilled blue ink on the left side of her hands and the splatter affected all the nails? Here’s a closer view of the left hand:

left hand purple/blue paint splatter nail design

The thumbs:

thumbnails: paint splatter nail design purple and blue

And the right hand:

right hand purple and blue paint splatter nails

Artist’s Palette

I wanted to use multiple colors on my mom’s paint splatter nails (above), but she was too conservative and insisted on one color only. So I simply did my own nails with as many colors as I pleased, the full repertoire of a nail artist’s palette. (Well, I have a giant nail polish collection, so this is only part of my repertoire. It still looks pretty, though!)

colorful paint splatter nail art

When my mom saw these nails, I thought she seemed a little jealous. Maybe she wishes she had colorful nails like me. Next time!

colorful paint splatter nails

These nails kind of remind me of Easter Eggs – too bad that holiday is already past!

thumbnails for colorful paint splatter design

Glamorous Leopard Print

We meant for these nails (my aunt’s) to look like a splatter of paint like mine (above), but somehow they turned out looking like turquoise and bronze leopard print.

leopard print nails bronze/turquoise

They also match my purse purr-fectly!

leopard print turquoise and bronze nails

Somewhere, Over The Rainbow…

These are my mom’s nails in all the colors of the rainbow. (Well, some of them, anyway.)

rainbow nails

Elegant Marble Nails

A few weeks ago I tried to do a water marble nail design, and it was really messy and didn’t yield the greatest result. So today I tried not using water, and simply swirling the different nail polish colors into each other. I think it worked better this way than the water marble – and there was no mess to speak of, either.

blue green elegant marble nail design

I daresay this is my new go-to method for marble nails.

elegant marble blue/green nail art

I wanted the colors to be reminiscent of the ocean waves; I think it worked out pretty well.

elegant blue and green marble nails

Close view of the thumbs:

blue/green elegant marble thumbnails

I’m just so happy with this design; I can’t stop adding more pictures of it!

elegant marble nail design blue/green

I tried another marble mani using the same technique the next week, only with different colors.

pink/blue marble nails

I don’t like this one as much as the blue one, to be honest.

marble nail design pink/blue

Am I just being too picky, or is this just not as good?

pink/blue marble nail design thumbnails

The Holstein Cows From Outer Space

Okay, so maybe the name I gave this nail design sounds like a horror movie from the 1950s, but you have to admit, the cow print in green and turquoise makes you think “Neptune!”


And I mean that in a good way. The idea to do a Holstein cow design in these two colors was entirely my mom’s, and I must say it turned out better than I’d expected.

cows from outer space nails

green/turquoise Holstein Cows nail design

Hot Cinnamon French Mani

This is a twist on the traditional “French manicure”, with a sparkly base color, blue tips, and on top of it all, even more sparkles (of course.)

hot cinnamon French mani

“Hot Cinnamon” is the name of the reddish color covering most of each of my nails. I just love that name!

Hot Cinnamon French tip manicure

You Spilled Something (AGAIN)

I guess my mom is just into the splatter design. She asked me to do another one for her like I did several weeks ago. This time the “ink splatter” originates at the middle finger of each hand and spreads out.

pink and purple paint splatter nail design

Spring Has Sprung

The day I did these nails it was just so nice out, and all the flowers were in bloom and I saw green, healthy leaves everywhere… I knew I had to immortalize the beautiful spring day in a nail design.

leafy green nails

It’s kind of hard to see in the picture, but this design has different shades of green in leafy shapes, with some little pink curlicues to represent flowery tendrils.

green leafy nail design

A Hearty Pedi

Literally. As in hearts on my toenails. How sweet is that?

pink and blue heart toenails

Here’s a close-up of the best heart:

pink and blue heart pedi

Pretty good, if I do say so myself.

“Modern Art” Nails

I’m not sure if this design really qualifies as modern art, but that’s what my mom and I have been calling it. Here are her two nails I embellished with my added modern art flair:

modern art orange nail design

orange modern art style nails

Graduation 2013

No, I’m not graduating! (YET.) But I’m playing in my orchestra to serenade this year’s seniors at my school this week. So I did my nails to match the blue caps and gowns. I added a copper-colored sparkly top coat for extra flair.

graduation nails 2013

Half Salon Mani

I went to a nail salon with some friends this week. It was the first time I’d ever been to a professional salon. I kept things simple and just got a solid blue color. The next day, I added my own stripes in turquoise.

salon blue with stripes

After doing my mom’s nails, I noticed I’d gotten a big ugly splotch of black nail polish on my thumb nail. To cover it up, I used nail stickers of Hawaiian-y flowers.

salon blue thumbnail with stripes and stickers

I got in the mood and added stickers to some more of my nails:

salon blue nail with stripes and stickers

nail with salon blue, stripes, and stickers

And now, for the infamous design I was doing for my mom, which caused all these stickers…

Orchid-Inspired Nails

At Whole Foods recently, my mom and I saw these orchids for sale:

orchids sold at Whole Foods

And from that, this nail design was born:

pink orchid inspired nails

It doesn’t look exactly like the orchids, but it was inspired by them. Here’s a closer look at some of the decorated nails:

pink orchid inspired manicure

This design was pretty hard to do, but I think it turned out pretty well. Here are the thumb nails:

pink orchid inspired nail design

Swirls and Curls

This design is supposed to sort of give the impression of the multi-colored tendrils of some exotic plant, growing up from the base of the nail and curling at the top. But you can interpret the design however it appears to you.

DJ play that song nail polish with swirls

I did this on a new Essie color, “DJ Play That Song.” Here’s a closer look at some of the nails:

swirls on DJ Play that Song nail polish

French Polka!

I call this design “French Polka” because most of the nails have pink “French-mani” tips, and the blue-and-pink sparkly dots on the blue nails are and OPI topcoat called “Polka.Com.” Cute, isn’t it?

polka dot com with french mani and gold middle fingerThe reason my middle fingers ended up gold is because my friend was testing out different colors on my nails and arbitrarily chose to do gold on just the middle fingers. (Later I went home and added the design.) I mean no suggestion of insult or disrespect by having the middle fingers emphasized.

french mani polka dot com with gold on middle finger


Below are my mom’s nails, with a design she came up with: leafy vines growing across each nail.

pink nails with leaves and vinesThis was a very hard feat for me to accomplish, but I think it turned out pretty good. My mom is also happy with it.

pink leafy vine nail design

Two thumbs up for the “Organic” design!

pink leaf vine thumbnails

July 4th 2013

Hooray for Independence Day! I love to express my patriotism on my nails.

nail design for July 4th 2013

Every year I try to get creative with my July 4th nails, and this design is a play on the American flag.

July 4th nail design 2013 nails

Yes, I know some of the nails resemble the French flag, but they aren’t exactly the same because the French flag has the white stripe in the middle, between the red and blue. I’ll save that design for Le Quatorze Juillet! (Bastille Day.) For now, let’s enjoy the stars and stripes!

thumbnail July 4th 2013

I thought this design was neat, but no one else has given me any compliments so far.

Speckled and Striped

What else was I to call this pedicure? The name pretty much describes it:

speckled pink/ striped turquoise pedi

The speckled nails remind me of “The Speckled Egg,” some video I watched in preschool or something. My favorite are the turquoise striped nails.

speckled pink/striped turquoise pedicure

The Computer Age

This design is on my mom’s nails. I decided to do the curlicues, and the astrisk on the pointer finger was her idea. I think it’s cool and it makes me think of computer symbols. Here’s the pointer finger:

blue computer age nail

On the thumb, You’ll see another astrisk and some more curlicues, as well as some equals signs. Isn’t that neat? The equals signs were also my mom’s idea. I know the photo is a bit blurry, but here it is:

blue computer age nail design thumbnails

Quatorze Juillet 2013

Quatorze Juillet is the French Independence Day. Since I’m studying the French language, I feel some connection to France and want to celebrate the French Independence Day… at least on my nails! Most of the nails are simply pink with a turquoise “French tip.”

Quatorze Juillet 2013 nails

Notice that radio tower on the pointer finger? Well, actually it’s not a radio tower, it just turned out to look like one. It’s supposed to be the Eiffel Tower. Doesn’t it look like the Eiffel Tower? Sort of?

eiffel tower on nail for Quatorze Juillet 2013 nail design

On the right pinky finger I did a curlicue design just because I feel like it. I’m not sure the French invented the curlicue, but it looks nice in this design and I’m sure the French do use curlicues from time to time.

Quatorze Juillet 2013 pinkie

The Reverse Witch

Most witches have long nails with sharp, pointy tips. This nail design has the sparkly purple tips pointed towards the base of the nail, the opposite of a witch nail. Maybe it could be used to ward off witchcraft…

cinnamon nail color with purple sharp triangles

Pretty in Pink

For this nail design on my mom, she wanted each nail a different shade of pink. Simple, but surprisingly cool!

different colors of pink nail design

Minnie Mouse Pedi

This pedicure on my aunt reminds me of Minnie Mouse because of the silver dots. It makes me think of her dotted red dress, though the toenails are pink.

pink pedi silver dots

Surprising Sparkle Fade

I call this design “surprising” because the light blue combined with sort of salmon-y pink sparkles sounds like a weird combination… but it works quite well!

light blue bails with sparkle fade pink

Blue and Green Pedi

When I got this new lime green nail color, I was desperate to use it right away on my toenails. I added turquoise and blue swirls on the big toes to try and give the design the effect of ocean waves.

toenails lime green with blue and turquoise swirls

The smaller toenails have the same turquoise and blue colors, as a sort of French tip.

blue and turquoise swirl lime green toenails

I have to say this may be my favorite toenail design so far!

Trendsetting Tips

First I put on my newest pink nail polish. To jazz it up, I came up with this idea for the tips:

sparkly pink tipped pink nail design

It’s like a diagonal French tip, with chunky sparkles above the magenta tips.

pink nails with sparkly pink tips

Ain’t that something? In fact, my mom liked it so much she requested I do the same design on her light blueish-purple nails.

purple nail design with silver and purple sparkle tips

For these, the line is silver, and the sparkles are dark purple. My mom was afraid it looked sort of like dirty fingernails. But I say most dirt is not such a pretty color of purple…

silver and purple sparkle tips nails

Aloha Toenails

I’ve wanted to do flowers on my toenails for the longest time. But alas, every time I tried it it’s always turned out horrible…until now.

white toenails with purple flowers

I can’t help but be proud of these Hawaiian-style flowers. I’ve been bragging about them to everyone who’ll listen. Here’s a closer look at the left toenail (sorry for bad photo quality):

purple flowered white toenails

And here is the right toenail close up:

white pedicure with purple flowers

Oh yes I di-id! And Aloha to you too!

Leafy Pink Nails

Once my mom saw my flower toenails, she was reminded of the leaves I’ve done before on her nails. This time she got green leaves on my newest pink: an Essie shade called “Boom Boom Boom.”

pink nail design with green leaves

Timeless Tiger Stripes

I call them “timeless” because I’ve done tiger stripes countless times on my nails, and somehow I keep coming back to them; they never go out of style as far as I’m concerned. It may be hard to see in the photo, but these nails have copper-colored sparkles at the tips.

tiger mani with copper penny sparkles

Here’s a closer look:

copper sparkly tips tiger stripe nails

Tie Dye Nails

This may be my favorite nail design of all time! (So far…) I just randomly decided to try doing different patterns in tie-dye colors. Inadvertently, I made every nail mirror its counterpart (i.e. the ring fingers look the same, the middles look the same, etc.) The only nails that don’t follow this unintended pattern are the two pinkies.

tie dye nails

Both thumbs have spirals:

tie dye nails thumbnails

These are two of my favorites:

tie dye nail design

Ring finger on the other hand, of course, has almost the same exact pattern:

tie dye nail

Fall Palette Pedi

I call this a fall palette because it seems to be sort of like an artist’s palette, with all the colors of changing autumn leaves splattered together as if dripped by a paintbrush onto a color palette.

Fall color pedicure

It also sort of resembles rocks in the tide pools, a tribute to the fact that it is actually still summer, but everyone thinks it’s fall because school is inexplicably starting smack dab in the middle of August nowadays.

big toe with autumn color palette

Stripes and Spots

I was actually quite proud of this nail design, which I wore for the first full week of school. I think it could be wrapping paper for a birthday present (especially a present of nail polish!)

pink stripe and dots nailsHere’s a closer look (so you can see all the little imperfections):

close up pink stripes and dots nails

But from a distance, it is quite striking. Also very good for one of my crazy designs. Here is a closer look at the thumbnails:

thumbnails pink stripes and dots

The Holstein Cows From The Ballet Recital

Remember “the Holstein Cows from Outer Space?” This design on my mom’s nails is a sequel. But these Holstein cows are much more girly and enjoy pink ballet leotards.

pink holstein cows nail design

See the cow spots on three select nails? Here are the thumbs:

pink holstein cow nail design thumbnails

Plaid Pedi

I tried to do a plaid design on my toenails, and after a couple attempts I’d say I was pretty successful. Mostly.

gray, pink, green, white plaid toenails

Here’s a closer look at the right better side:

green, pink, gray, white plaid pedicure

Optical Illusion Nails

What color are my nails? Lavender…

lavender optical illusion nails

…or turquoise?

optical illusion nails turquoise

Actually, both! See? I totally fooled you, didn’t I?

optical illusion nail design

Okay, maybe not. But the half-and-half design is at least a little cool, right?

optical illusion fingernails

Land of The Free and Home of the Munchkins

I know that’s a really weird title for a nail design. But once I tell you the whole story, it will all make sense. See, I started out with the idea to do a sort of stylized, reverse American flag design, with the stripes on the blue and the stars on the red.

wizard of oz/patriotic nail design

Then it struck me that my nails TOTALLY looked like “The Wizard of Oz”… the blue with white is Dorothy’s dress, the red is the ruby slippers.

nail design wizard of oz/patriotic

So instead of adding stars over the red polish, I lined it with gold to represent the yellow brick road. Some people say the nails still look patriotic, others – myself included – can only think Wizard of Oz when they see this mani. What do you think?

wizard of oz or patriotic nails

Pink Bling

A simple title for a simple, yet striking mani on my mom:

mom nails pink bling

She went for just enough sparkle to catch the eye.

pink bling manicure mom's nails

Lines or Spines?

In my drawing class at school, we recently learned about positive and negative shapes. For example, that famous image of the vase/faces: do you see what is, or what is not?

spines or lines nail design

This nail design is kind of inspired by the idea of positive and negative shapes. On the nails with a darker purple design, do you see the lines coming out from the center, or do you see the sharp spaces left in between, as the focus?

lines or spines nail design

Do you see lines, or spines?

A Special Treat

Once in a blue moon, my mom will allow me to do whatever design I want on her nails, with no direction whatsoever from her. These occasions are a special, rare treat.

mom present nail art

This design was one of those special treats. She called it a “present” for me in return for me not squabbling too much with my little brother over the weekend!

nail design present from mom

I was pretty proud of what I dreamed up for the ring fingers (above) and thumbnails (below):

thumbnails purple mom present nail design

Cinderella’s Carriage Nails

I’ve never been a big fan of Cinderella, but I just came up with this random idea to do a nail design based on the blue dress she wears in the Disney movie. After all, I happen to have an amazing nail polish that’s similar to the color of that dress. On the thumbnail, I did a sort of bustle like Cinderella’s dress has in the cartoon:

Cinderella thumbnail in Cinderella pumpkin carriage nail design

To sort of tell the story, I threw in some orange nails with leaves at the top, representative of pumpkins. You know, because of the pumpkin carriage?

Cinderella pumpkin carriage nail design

Since Halloween is coming up this month, I decided to make one of the pumpkins a jack-o-lantern. I intended for the jack-o-lantern to look evil, but I think it turned out to just look kind of funny. Or maybe it’s both evil and funny!

pumpkin jack-o-lantern face thumbnail


This nail design was meant to emulate that ancient tribal style of beaded, feathered apparel. The brown nails have Nails Inc. Feather polish on them in the shade Cornwall.

feather fingernails

Here’s a closer look at some of the nails:

feathered nails design

The left thumbnail is adorned in dotty beads, while the right is embellished with feathers.

feather nails thumbnails

Bar Mitzvah Bling

For my brother’s Bar Mitzvah, I went for simple and stylish: a reddish purple hue emblazoned with nail gems!

purple rhinestone Bar Mitzvah nails

Miss Interpreted

artsy nail design misinterpreted

I call this design “Miss Interpreted” because at first, no one could agree on what it was. Some said it was a Halloween design. Others couldn’t imagine it as a Halloween theme at all. Some thought the sparkles were silver, whereas others thought they were gold.

FYI: I intended it just to be an artsy design, nothing to do with Halloween. And the sparkles are in fact gold, not silver. (Well really they’re probably just some sort of chemical alloy or whatever made to look gold. But you get the idea.

artsy misinterpreted nails

Regardless of how it was received, I was pretty proud of my artistry in this nail design.

True Blue

It started out with this blue color my mom really wanted. It’s a lovely color, isn’t it? Then my mom let me come up with my own design to add on a few nails. Here’s what I did:

Mom blue nails improvised

It may be hard to see, but there is a gold and silver accent on the right pointer and left ring fingers.

Interplanetary Brit

This is a spacey variation on the British flag. I didn’t intend it to be reminiscent of outer space. But when I look at it, it makes me think of aliens!

interplanetary Brit nails design

Here’s a closer look:


Halloween Nails 2013

These nails may not look very Halloween-y. But they matched my costume, which was supposed to be an ancient Egyptian goddess.

Egyptian Halloween costume nails 2013

Thumbs up for Halloween!

Egyptian Halloween nails 2013

Orange You Blue?

I’m blue that this design was on my mom’s nails, not my own. I was skeptical it would turn out at first, but ended up envious because it turned out so well.

orange/blue stripes nails

I guess this design is pretty self-explanetory: nails of two complementary colors, with occasional stripes of the opposite color. Simple, but effective!

orange and blue stripe nails

3D Ribbon Nails

gray nails 3d pink stripes

I originally intended these nails to resemble a pink ribbon streaming across the gray background. Then I added a purple side to the pink ribbon. It may be hard to see in the bad photos, but this added a bit of a 3d effect.

gray nails with pink stripes 3d

Sorry for the fuzzy pics; I did my best!

gray nails pink 3d stripes

Here’s one thumbnail:

3d pink/gray stripe thumbnail

and the other: (slightly better photo!)

3d pink stripe and gray thumbnail

All Bespeckled

This design didn’t get much love from the critics. I guess it’s a little too Easter-y for mid-fall!

speckled blue and pink nails

Thanksgiving Nails 2013

I wanted to do a festive design for the occasion, but one that was also unique. Seriously, turkey nails are WAY overdone. They’re cute, and all, but I wanted my design this year to exhibit my personal style. Not to mention, the fact that I am a vegetarian!

Thanksgiving nail design 2013

So I did some fall leaves on a background of light dusty brown, to represent the turning of the seasons. Here’s a closer look at some of the nails:

Thanksgiving 2013 nails


thumbnails Thanksgiving 2013

Hannukah Nails 2013

Hannukah is also known as the “festival of lights.” That’s what inspired me to do this design on my aunt’s nails for the holiday: each nail represents a blue candle flame.


For my own nails this Hannukah, I made eight of my fingers the eight candles of the menorah (minus the helper candle.) The two thumbs were just blue with glitter to represent frosty winter windows through which a fiery menorah could be glimpsed (you know, in places where it actually snows.)

Hannukah candle nails 2013

I was pretty proud of my sort of abstract-ish candle flames:

Hannukah 2013 nails candles

Icy Blooms

This started out as an attempt to paint snowflakes on my nails. When I realized that simply wasn’t working for me, I fell into despair…for about five minutes until the idea of snow flowers popped into my head.

frost flowers nails dark blue icy blooms

In second grade, I used to read this picture book about different flower fairies. One of my favorites was the snow flower fairy, who braved chilly weather to make the flowers bloom.

icy blooms nails frost flowers

A lot of people complimented me on these icy blooms. It makes me so happy when people notice my nails! My favorite was the thumbnail:

thumbnail icy blooms frost flowers nails

Christmas Nails 2013

I got a lot of compliments on this nail design, even though it isn’t exactly a “design” at all – all I did was paint the nails in Christmas-y colors and add sparkle. But sometimes the simplest designs are the most popular.

Christmas nails 2013

New Year’s Nails 2014

I did this design on Christmas day in anticipation of the new year, because I couldn’t start out 2014 with bare nails! I intended this design to look like fireworks in the starry night sky.

New Years 2014 nail design

Some people said it looked like cleave lights, or disco lights. My cousin said it looked like a party was going on in my nails.

New Year's Eve nail design 2014

Hopefully the coming year will bring plenty of thumbs up for my nail art!

2014 New Year's Nails


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