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A Healthy V-Day Treat: Chocolate Covered Cherry Fro-Yo Cups


When a toucan finds that special someone during mating season, he scours the rainforest for the choicest berries, which he brings in his beak to his mate. The two lovebirds will toss a berry back and forth between one another, enjoying the antioxidant-packed projectiles as part of this flirtatious sport. With such healthy and active courtship habits, it’s no wonder the toucan can live twenty adventurous years in the rainforests of Costa Rica!

Unfortunately, humans have much different customs when it comes to the romantic exchange of food. Many women, regardless of their general intention to avoid excessive sugar and calories, expect and demand a heart-shaped box of chocolates from their significant other on Valentine’s Day. It’s not unheard of for couples to “eat light” during the day to “save room” for a binge meal on a special night. And even those for whose lives romance is not currently a part have been known to indulge in unhealthy quantities of comfort foods on February 14th, as if this can make up for the emptiness they feel in their hearts. Which is physiologically impossible, since food travels down the esophagus into the stomach, where it is liquified by acids and then goes… long story short, it never reaches the heart.

chocolate frozen yogurt cherry cups

Why can’t humans come up with a healthier way to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day? Rather than shoveling buttery pasta and pharmacy candy down one another’s throats to prove our true love, it might be wise to start a new tradition: how about enjoying some homemade, healthy treats made by hand for that special someone with simple ingredients and a pinch of love? With these Chocolate Covered Cherry Fro-Yo Cups, you can do just that this year.

soft frozen yogurt cups chocolate covered cherry

Let your sweetie cook a romantic dinner (with less butter, if you please) and pop these in the freezer ahead of time for dessert. After freezing for just over an hour, they have the texture of soft frozen yogurt; after several hours overnight they harden delightfully. Masquerading in the shape of a candy cup, they are actually a wonderfully tart, chocolatey frozen treat filled with luscious fruit preserve (use your lover’s favorite flavor.) These would make a great treat after a romantic dinner or a sweaty afternoon of berry-tossing! Alternately, if you’re lonely and craving chocolate, make Chocolate Covered Cherry Fro-Yo Cups before your eyes start drifting to the chocolates in a pink box in the grocery store or the pint of emotional-eating ice cream… these give you the best of both worlds, without the guilt following either!

chocolate covered cherry fro-yo cups

Whatever your plans are for this Valentine’s Day, I hope you will give these delicious frozen snacks a try. And feel free to change up the fruit preserve flavor! Make them for any occasion, for those you love, hate, etc… click here for the full recipe: Chocolate Covered Cherry Fro-Yo Cups!

chocolate cherry fro-yo cups

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