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Simple Chocolate Berry Oat Shake

chocolate berry oatmeal smoothie easy recipe

Hi. I’ll spare you the long apology for why I haven’t blogged since (I’m afraid to check how long it’s been.) In brief, I’ve been stranded in a desolate place called college, where there is little to no opportunity for ventures into the unexplored world of baked, cooked, or blended nutriment. If you regret not seeing any fun recipes on this site for the past millennium or so, imagine how I must have felt having to eat the distinctively uncreative food available in my isolated confinement.

Overall, I actually had a pretty good first year of college, aside from estrangement from my blender. But that’s boring and I won’t get into it right now. Are you ready for an ice cold summer refreshment smooth as the most decadent of ice creams yet packed with hearty grains and splashed with the splendid kiss of tart berries? Here is your (5-ingredients only!) recipe.

Simple Chocolate Berry Oat Shake

serves one

strawberry chocolate oatmeal smoothie


  • 8 fresh strawberries
  • 1 Weight Watchers brand (or similar) chocolate fudge ice cream bar
  • 1/2 cup cold water
  • 1 tbs fruit preserves (I used Whole Foods 365 brand Fruits of the Forest flavor spread)
  • 1 individual packet dry instant oatmeal (I used Quaker lower sugar maple and brown sugar)


Wash strawberries, remove stems and leaves, and chop each into three or four large pieces (to ease blending.) If desired, reserve one strawberry for decoration.

Combine strawberries, ice cream bar, water and fruit preserves in blender. Blend until smooth.

Open oatmeal packet and pour dry oatmeal into blender. Blend for 8-16 seconds (longer blending leads to smoother texture, but I like some grainy chunks in my shakes.)

Pour smoothie into glass and serve cold.


A Bunny’s Dream

pineapple carrot cake orange coconut cranberry smoothie

When my mom was a baby, she had a cute, wiggly pink nose like a bunny’s (according to what I’ve been told – I wasn’t there!) As a result, she was nicknamed Bunny. As she got older and developed other interests, she subsequently garnered more and more nicknames, each reflecting her current animal interest at the time. But the name Bunny endured throughout all those time periods, and even today her family members call her Bunny in alternation with her real name.

It’s no surprise that my mom was somewhat bunny-like in her youth, since her mom is practically famous for her carrot cake recipe. Besides her chocolate swirl cake, it is one of her most-requested cakes for birthdays and occasions. If I was a bunny, I’d sure be glad to have a mom that was so good at making carrot cake!

orange carrot cake smoothie pineapple orange cranberry coconut

This carrot cake smoothie would be the perfect treat for a carrot-chomping bunny who wanted a sweet, refreshing libation during the heat of summer. It’s a bit of a sugar rush – probably not good for hyperactive animals who would be bouncing off the walls anyway! I might suggest replacing the vanilla almond milk with plain almond milk and maybe a touch of vanilla or agave, and letting the fresh/frozen banana, tangy pineapple, and sweet navel orange sweeten the smoothie without the help of too much added sugar.

But aside from that, this smoothie was really splendid: a rich, sweet body made of blended fruit and creamy almond milk that reminds me of cake frosting (only more interesting) is emblazoned with delightful chunks of carrot cake and embellished with a topping of coconut, cranberries, and an orange slice just for style. Slurp it up it as a “guilty” breakfast treat or sip your sinfully scrumptious dessert in the alfalfa garden, watching the bunnies hopping around in the summer evening and pitying them because all they get are boring plain carrots.

Hop to it! Make this recipe now – you deserve a treat.

Fruity Carrot Cake Smoothie

serves one

carrot cake coconut orange pineapple banana vanilla smoothie


for smoothie

  • 1 banana, fresh or frozen
  • 1 single-serving carton Silk brand vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 cup pineapple chunks, fresh or frozen
  • 1 medium-large navel orange (reserve a segment for topping if desired)
  • 2 Weight Watchers brand Carrot Crème Cakes
  • ice cubes (use more if you used fresh fruit, and less if you used frozen fruit)

for topping

  • 1 tbs sweetened flaked coconut
  • 1 tbs dried cranberries
  • 1 segment of orange, if desired


Place banana, almond milk, pineapple, orange (except segment reserved for topping) and ice cubes in blender. Blend until smooth.

Break one of the Carrot Crème cakes into several pieces and drop them into smoothie. Blend for about ten seconds.

Break the second cake into pieces and blend only for a second or two to distribute the big cake-y chunks throughout the smoothie.

Pour smoothie into desired serving glass. For topping: cut a slit in the center of one orange segment, and use the slit to arrange it at the edge of the glass. Sprinkle coconut and cranberry on surface of smoothie.

Pop a straw in this scrumptious sweet drink, and slurp it all up!

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Key Lime Cake & Strawberry Shake

Do you ever feel like time just slips away when you’re not looking? I know I do. All school year, I’ve been planning for all the things I was going to do during the summer, when I would have a surplus of time: work on my writing skills, watch a French film or two, take up a new athletic activity of some kind, and of course lots of baking and cooking were all included in my long list of personal ambitions. But lately I find I don’t have as much free time as I thought. I’m taking a history class this summer so I won’t have to take it during the school year, and once I get through the class and my homework, I often only have enough time for simple activities, like taking a short walk, playing with my cat, or watching films of nature and animals on Youtube with my brother the junior herpetologist. Yet I find that, even though I haven’t done much very ambitious yet this summer, I can find peace and relaxation in the days when I just fill the little free time I have with these simple activities. The time runs like a serene waterfall…I just wish it wouldn’t run so fast!

I predict I will be spending much of my vacation time doing these boring, yet in a way worthwhile activities. However, hopefully every so often I will get the chance to do something more ambitious. I’m hoping to bake something today, and later on I am going shopping for a book (since I already finished all my summer reading requirements!) So far today I have also made an easy shake, perfect for lazy summer days when all you want to do is relax with a yummy smoothie and a book/cat/nature video.

key lime strawberry cake batter smoothie

This is a cake batter shake that is healthy enough to eat for breakfast. The “cake batter” is made with all whole wheat flour, and sweetened only by a dash of vanilla and some high protein white chocolate peanut butter. The banana is as always a great breakfast food, providing potassium, iron, and the good type of natural sugars that don’t cause a horrible crash later on in the day. The fresh strawberries are a good source of vitamin C and help increase good cholesterol, among numerous other benefits. And the yogurt is a good source of calcium, very important to support the bones. Honestly, I could go on all day about the health benefits of different foods, but I know you’re anxious to get to the smoothie and get a start on today’s ambitions, so let’s get on with it!

The “cake batter” I used for this smoothie really ended up with more of a cookie dough consistency, but still tasted like cake when blended into the other ingredients. Of course the flavor combination of lime and strawberry is a perfect, summery blend. With the addition of cake batter, it tastes just like a perfect summer day: light, yet also rich and flavorful. It would have been extra great with some coconut flakes on top, but I was feeling lazy so I skipped that. But feel free to do it if you’re in the ambitious mood!

Key Lime Cake and Strawberry Shake

serves one

key lime strawberry cake batter shake


cake batter

  • 1/4 cup whole wheat flour
  • 2 tsp Peanut Butter and Co. brand White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 tbls warm water


  • 1 banana
  • 1 Yoplait Whips Key Lime Pie yogurt
  • 1/2 cup Silk brand Original almond milk
  • 4 strawberries
  • 1-2 ice cubes

Directions: First, make the cake batter: combine the whole wheat flour, white chocolate peanut butter, and vanilla. Add the water, 1 tablespoon at a time, until the cake batter has the consistency of a glob of cookie dough.

Place all ingredients in blender. (If you like, reserve a little bit of the cookie dough/cake batter and one strawberry for topping. However, I found that the cake batter stuff didn’t taste as good on its own as it did blended into the smoothie, so it’s probably best to just blend all the cake batter with the smoothie.) Blend for a minute or until all ingredients are combined. Pour into a glass and serve cold.

This is sure to be the perfect refreshment, whether you are spending your day achieving your dreams…or just daydreaming! After all, sometimes doing nothing is what free time is for.

But not all your free time… and I am definitely going to be doing something at some point, don’t you worry! You can expect at least a few new recipes on this blog this summer! In the meantime, why don’t you go make your key lime cake batter shake while I watch this new blue-tongued skink video? 🙂

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To find out more about the health benefits of bananas and strawberries: http://www.lifescript.com/food/articles/0/14_banana_health_benefits_you_might_not_know_about.aspxhttp://www.webmd.com/diet/features/nutritional-benefits-of-the-strawberry

S’moreo Cheesecake Shake

Many months ago, I believe it was the last day of school before winter break, I was sitting in class and practically bored to tears. My teachers were obviously already checked out early for the vacation and just lazily put on their favorite movies for us kids to watch, yelling at us to be quiet if we talked (after all, they were still teachers.) So I did what most food bloggers do when bored – daydreamed about innovative, new foods to create and post about.

Suddenly, genius struck as the word “s’moreo” popped into my head. I knew that word could be the title for a super-cool dessert I could make and post. I often feel like blogging is a creativity contest – I always want to feel like I’ve come up with something no one else had thought of before. Something that would inspire awe, admiration, maybe even a little good-natured envy in the hearts of other food bloggers: “why didn’t I think of that?” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen great ideas from creative food bloggers and wished I could come up with something so creative, so genius that the rest of internet-enabled society would cheer and virtually hold me up on their shoulders like a victorious quarterback. Well, okay, that’s not really likely to happen. But I still felt at the time I came up with the “s’moreo” that it would surely be a very special idea.

Months passed. I never had a chance to make any s’moreos, s’moreo cake, s’moreo milkshake, or any of the other random ideas I had to use the word “s’moreo” in a dessert creation. I just never semed to have enough time, or remember it when I did have the time. Until today. The epic day when I finally fulfilled my destiny to create and publish the s’moreo shake. By now I was a little bored of the idea of just chocolate sandwich cookies and marshmallows, so I threw in cheesecake flavor. Plus some strawberries to go with the cheesecake theme. Nutella got in there just because who doesn’t like nutella in a dessert?

s'moreo nutella strawberry cheesecake shake

Prepare for something amazing, world. You will all end up trying a s’moreo cheesecake shake, whether because you know it will be good or because all your friends pressure you into trying it. And then you will be hooked on the delicious, fun awesomeness. I expect eventually the word s’moreo will get into the dictionary, and my computer will stop putting a red underline under the word s’moreo every time I type it.

I’m not even going to look up “s’moreo” and see if anyone else has already come up with it. I’m sure someone has, because there’s really nothing completely new under the sun. And that would just kill my excitement right now. So if you or someone you know has already come up with s’moreos, great job, you are a genius, but please just indulge me and pretend you think I’m the genius here. Thank you for your understanding of my madness. Now, let the s’moreo party begin! Mwah-ha-ha!!!

S’moreo Cheesecake Shake

with Strawberries and Nutella

Serves 1

s'moreo cheesecake smoothie with nutella and strawberries


for shake

  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup Silk brand original almond milk
  • 2 Laughing Cow brand light creamy swiss cheese wedges
  • 1 WhoNu brand chocolate sandwich cookie
  • 2 ice cubes

for topping

  • 1 tbl nutella
  • 4 strawberries (cut off leaves and cut in half or slice)
  • 1 WhoNu chocolate sandwich cookie
  • 1 Dandies brand vegan marshmallow (or other large marshmallow)


Place the banana, almond milk, cheese, and ice cubes into the blender. Blend until smooth. Add one WhoNu cookie in several pieces and blend for a few seconds, just until there are little cookie bits throughout the mixture.

Use a knife to spread some of the nutella in vertical lines around the inside of your glass. Pour the shake into the glass.

Microwave the marshmallow until it is soft and melty. Place on top of the shake.

s'moreo cheesecake shake with marshmallow

Top with the remaining nutella.

s'moreo cheesecake shake with marshmallow and nutella

Add the strawberries and the second WhoNu cookie, broken into pieces.

s'moreo cheesecake shake with marshmallow, strawberries, and chocolate cookies

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime… The S’moreo Cheesecake Shake! (Patent pending.)

Artemis has already caught the s’moreo shake fever and wants a sip of my shake…

artemis looking at s'moreo cheesecake shake

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Chocolate Cinnavanilla Thin Mint Smoothie

chocolate vanilla cinnamon thin mint smoothie

It’s that time of year again… Girl Scout Cookie Season! You can barely walk out of the house without being asked by some cute child with soulful eyes to buy a box of cookies. And it’s nearly impossible to refuse.

It becomes a little more obnoxious and less cute when the cute child is swapped out with a pushy adult family member who wants her Girl Scout to get the most sales in her troop and “helps” by selling cookies without the child even being there. I’ve never been a Girl Scout, so I don’t know if this is allowed or not, but it certainly is annoying to my mom when some lady predictably badgers her into buying Girl Scout cookies, no matter how many times she tries to decline the offer. Last year, my mom came home with a box of lemon cookies of some kind, and nobody touched them. But this year is quite different…

My mom got a box of Thin Mints from the badgering lady this time around. Those cookies are the most popular Girl Scout Cookie ever, and I can see why. The crunchy chocolate mint cookie is covered with a smooth chocolate coating… what’s not to like? Personally, I tend to prefer something a little more interesting like a Samoa with all those different flavors, but that doesn’t stop me from liking the simple, classic Thin Mints too. That said, I was kind of concerned I wouldn’t get my share when I saw the rate at which the male half of my family was consuming those cookies last night. My brother had a reasonable portion for dessert, and my dad kept sneaking into the kitchen to grab a handful. And another. And another. I know what happens to boxes of Oreos when my dad knows we have them in the house. I’ve heard my brother lamenting a box too new to be empty enough times to be well aware of the predation faced by cookies in our pantry. And I did not want my dad eating all the Thin Mints before I got a chance to use them in a smoothie shake I was planning.

So I craftily pinched four from those remaining in the box last night while my dad was watching t.v. and hid them in the cupboard. Those were my cookies, and I was determined they would be safe from cookie thieves! Today I was relieved to find them still intact where I left them, and proceeded to make this smoothie shake.

chocolate cinnavanilla smoothie with thin mints

I call it a smoothie shake because it is both a smoothie and a shake. It is technically healthy enough to be a smoothie, what with the banana, almondmilk, and high-calcium pudding. Yet it seems to be a indulgent as a shake, with the chocolate vanilla cinnamon flavor and of course the crunchy Thin Mint pieces. I put green apple in the smoothie, but could hardly taste it at all.

The liquid part of this smoothie was incredibly boring at first, but I added a pinch of cinnamon and mixed it in with my spoon and it literally transformed the flavor from “eh” to “oooh!” So I say add cinnamon and maybe some nutmeg too.

Chocolate Cinnavanilla Thin Mint Smoothie

cinnavanilla chocolate thin mint smoothie


  • 1 banana
  • a little less than half of 1 Granny Smith apple
  • 1 Silk brand single-serve carton of vanilla almondmilk
  • 1 Snack Pack brand pudding cup, cinnamon roll flavor
  • 1 tbsp Hershey’s cocoa powder
  • 5-6 ice cubes
  • 4 Thin Mints
  • a pinch or so of cinnamon


Pour all ingredients in blender except Thin Mints. (The cinnamon can be added before or after blending, it’s your choice.) Blend for a minute or until ice is crushed. Add Thin Mints, breaking some in half, some into quarters. Blend for just a few more seconds. Pour into a glass and enjoy this unconventional way of consuming Girl Scout Cookies!

smoothie with chocolate thin mint cinnamon and vanilla

This post was published in the Santa Monica Observer newspaper the week of February 21, 2013. The Observer website is www.smobserved.com.

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